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Weta folding trimaran, 2010, Lake Travis, Austin, Texas, $8,500, Ad expired

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Weta folding trimaran, 2010


  • Boat is in good shape, well maintained, stored folded and covered.
  • Price: $8,500


  • Length: 14' 5"
  • Beam: 11' 6"
  • Material: Hulls are fibreglass + foam, mast/rudder/foil/centerboard are carbon fiber
  • Weight: 172lb
  • Sail Main: 89 SQFT
  • Jib: 34 SQFT
  • Screecher: 86 SQFT
  • Located: on Lake Travis in Austin


  • Yellow hulls
  • 1 set of Dotan cruising foils (rudder and daggerboard)
  • 1 set of racing carbon foils (rudder and daggerboard)
  • 1 larger cruising screecher from Weta (white 12.9m)
  • 1 class screecher (red)
  • Road trailer w/ 50 winch
  • Beach dolly w/ standard wheels and w/ beach wheels
  • Upgraded Ronstan continuous furler for screecher
  • 1 set of custom spray guards (same material as tramps)
  • Tapered screecher synthetic sheets
  • Recently replaced dyneema sheets and halyards
  • Ronstan fabric sheet bags and cup holders
  • Upsized shroud and forestay wires

    Known Issues

  • Mainsail track on mast needs to be replaced. Has a small crack and chunk missing. It doesn't cause any problems and works, but should be repaired. I've been told it's a basic process of stripping and gluing a new one on.
  • White 12.9M screecher has some discoloration from dye bleed and mildew in lower seams.
  • Beach dolly bunk has a crack in the fiberglass, works fine, cosmetic.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Weta folding trimaran, 2010 sailboat

    Weta folding trimaran, 2010 sailboat

    Weta folding trimaran, 2010 sailboat

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