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Ghost 13, 1977, Duncanville, Texas, $1,100, Ad expired

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Ghost 13, 1977

  • Builder: Janus Inc
  • Year built: 1977
  • LOA: 13.25 feet
  • Weight: 105 pounds (overall weight of boat and trailer is about 250 pounds.
  • I can pull it around by hand though without any help)
  • Beam: 5 feet
  • Mast height: 16.5 feet. No dents or bends. Cleats in good condition.
  • Boom length: 6.75 feet. No dents or bends. Fittings in good condition
  • Sail area: 105 square feet
  • Draft: 2.10 feet
  • Capacity: 600 pounds or 4 adults
  • Hull material: Fiberglass
  • Rig type: Fractional sloop

  • Sail condition: Overall in good condition.
  • Mainsail and Jib included. 2 of 3 possible battens included


  • Trailer is included in total cost. New lights and no rust spots. 1 7/8 hitch Texas license plate good until August 2018.
  • I also replaced a bunk

    Bill of sale: Bill of sale from last sale. --- Does not need a title in Texas because it is under 14 feet and has no motor ---

    Hull condition:

  • Good overall condition. A few scratches and nicks but nothing serious. The gelcoat has some cracks in it, but it is only cosmetic and has no structural damage.

    Rigging and sheets condition:

  • Rigging is in excellent condition with no issues whatsoever. The sheets are old, but could continue to be used for years without needing replacement

    I bought this boat to learn to sail on this past summer in August.

  • I've enjoyed it quite a bit, but am not using it as much now. I can step the mast by myself and sail it solo no problem with both sails as long as the wind isn't too high.
  • It's also very easy to right in the case of capsize.
  • I hope to sell it and buy a bigger boat next summer.
  • I'd be happy to take any and all questions!
  • I could possibly deliver within around 75 miles, but I'd want you to come and check it out first. Just so you know what you're getting yourself into.

    Included is the hull, the sails, the rudder, the daggerboard, the trailer, bill of sale, and if need be I'll throw in a trailer hitch for no extra charge.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a racing sailboat. You could take it out with some similar boats and have some fun and get a little competitive.

  • In fact it is a decently fast boat that will get up onto a plane with ease and handles well.
  • However due to the rarity of the class, it is unlikely that this boat will ever be on the same lake as any of its siblings.
  • There just aren't that many of them.
  • However, it's an excellent boat to learn on, or just spend a day on the lake.
  • I would recommend it to anyone looking for a boat to learn on, to have a blast on, or just relax and enjoy the wind

    If you shoot me a text, I'll either call or text back. However, email is the best bet as I check it regularly

    MIGHT consider trade for old project motorcycle

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  • This isn't me or my boat in the above video --- but mine is identical to it

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    Ghost 13, 1977 sailboat

    Ghost 13, 1977 sailboat

    Ghost 13, 1977 sailboat

    Ghost 13, 1977 sailboat