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Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017, Oakland, California, $2,600, Price reduced 1/30/17 to $2,000, SOLD 3/10/17

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Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017

  • designed by Michael Storer.

  • 15' 6" long
  • 5' beam
  • ~6" draft board up
  • ~3' draft board down.
  • 105 sq ft sail
  • ~125 lb. hull weight

    The goat island skiff is a very lively and fast sailboat, very low maintenance and fun to sail.

  • It can be sailed by 1-4 adults, but 1-2 is definitely preferable.
  • This is one of the lightest boats of its size that you can find.
  • Very good for maneuvering on land, and more rewarding and zippy to sail.
  • This is basically a super-kit.
  • I started building it and I am losing my workshop, so I need to sell the unfinished boat.
  • I am a professional woodworker and have been a professional boatbuilder, so all the work that is done is done well.

  • In the included pictures is one of a different Goat Island Skiff underway in NYC, that photo is not mine- the credit goes to

    what you get:

  • The top two pictures are of another boat I've built. I included them not to confuse you, but to show that I am not a hack who didn't make the parts correctly.
  • Also you do get an already glued up blank for a breasthook much like the one in the first picture.
  • The third picture shows the state of the "boat." It's all still 2 dimensional, but almost all of the individual parts are made.
  • The 4th pic shows the glue-up of the birdsmouth mast.
  • Like I mentioned, the 5th pic is from
  • All the wood to build the hull. much of it already shaped.
  • All the Okoume marine plywood parts already precisely cut out where possible, cut oversize for final fitting where necessary.
  • An already build hollow "birdsmouth" mast. The Lamborghini of wooden mast construction methods. Lots of skilled labor in that stick. Perfectly clear Old growth Douglas Fir glued with west system.
  • a brand new never opened sail by Really Simple Sails
  • All the hardware necessary for the entire boat! every cleat, oarlock, block (pulley), pintle, gudgeon, etc.
  • Wood for the spars. Old growth douglas fir, quartersawn
  • all the bulkheads already glued up with frames or "arms" and framing.
  • Already precisely shaped rudder and daggerboard, fiberglassed and epoxy coated.
  • Tiller/rudderstock assembly, partially finished.

  • and more! basically its very close to a whole boat that just needs to be assembled.
  • I can probably even include epoxy. System three silvertip laminating/coating resin.
  • No lines are included. Shouldn't be much money.
  • no oars are included.

  • Located in Oakland CA. Northern CA delivery negotiable, maybe further.
  • Please be aware that my shop space is not gone yet and I may be able to keep it for long enough to finish the boat, so I reserve the right to deny the sale for any reason.
  • I have about $2000 invested, plus lots of time. I will sell it all for $2000.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, partially built, 2017 sailboat

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