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Goat Island Skiff, 2017, Provincetown, Massachusetts, $5,500, Price reduced 8/29/17 to $5,200, SOLD 12/3/17

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Goat Island Skiff, 2017

  • Designed by Michael Storer.

  • 15' 6" long
  • 5' beam
  • ~6" draft board up
  • ~3' draft board down.
  • 105 sq ft sail with 3 reef points
  • ~125 lb. hull weight
  • The goat island skiff is a very lively and fast sailboat, very low maintenance and fun to sail.

    It's one of the most versatile boats you can buy! It's a sailboat at heart, but rows well and will accept a small outboard.

  • It's happy rowing, sailing, or motoring with 1-4 adults, or even more on occasion.
  • This is one of the lightest boats of its size that you can find.
  • Two strong people can carry it some distance, and I am including a beach roller which allows me to launch the boat solo!
  • The light weight makes it very good for maneuvering on land, and more rewarding and zippy to sail.

    I built this boat to the plans by Michael Storer.

  • I did everything the way it is supposed to be done; I did a good job.
  • In some aspects of the build, I went overboard and did a much better job than the plans call for.
  • The breasthook and stern knees are examples of that.

    I have worked most of my life as a capenter/woodworker/boatbuilder, as my father did before me, so I did a good job on this build.

  • The mast is a work of art. It is a hollow birdsmouth (the type of joinery) mast 16' tall and strong as can be, but it only weighs 20lbs!
  • I have been enjoying sailing this boat very much.
  • Unfortunately I am addicted to boat building and need funds for the next project.
  • Oars are solid Ash wood.

    There is a trailer included, it has two brand new wheels, tires, hubs, and bearings, and the lights work.

  • The trailer can securely hold the boat either upside down or right side up. It's an excellent way to store the boat for the winter.

    This is a screaming deal for the right buyer-

  • A kit to build this boat costs at least $5k, plus lots of additional materials and ~200 hours of labor.
  • I can take the buyer out sailing to show them the ropes (har har).


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Goat Island Skiff, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, 2017 sailboat

    Goat Island Skiff, 2017 sailboat