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Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010, Orlando, Florida, $7,800, Price reduced 9/12/18 to $6,318, SOLD 1/10/19

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Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010

  • Orlando, FL


  • 28' length on deck,
  • 1600 pound displacement,
  • 6' beam,
  • 12" draft board up,
  • 5' draft board down,
  • working sail area ~300 square feet.

    General Design:

  • Scintilla is a 28' New Haven Sharpie Cat Schooner similar to Reuel Parker's 100 bushel 1 man sharpie. It was professionally built by David Westphal in his yard in Key Largo. Scintilla is a multiple time winner of the Washington's Birthday Classic Yacht Regatta in Coconut Grove, FL and has been clocked at over 10 knots. Her unique lug schooner rig and tanbark sails make her stand out anywhere.


  • She is plywood sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy. All spars are made out of bamboo from Key West, and the masts are hollow, and flex with the wind. This is a key design feature for light fast sharpies like this, since it lets the sails spill wind in gusts keeping the boat flat.
  • The centerboard is a unique design that pivots upward and more vertically, this allows it to be lowered through a much smaller slot in the bottom, reducing drag significantly.
  • The rudder also kicks up allowing you to easily sail in 2 feet of water.
  • Scintilla has built in flotation and will float high on her side in the event of a capsize(this type of sharpie is not self righting).
  • She has been kept under cover her entire life and the paint and finish is in great condition.

    Mechanical and Electrical:

  • There is only one winch on the boat, used to raise and lower the centerboard. There is no motor but there is a detachable bracket to mount a small outboard or trolling motor. No running lights are installed.


  • The cat schooner rig provides plenty of sail area for racing and light winds, with plenty of reef points available if needed. Both sales are of identical size and are fully battened. The masts can easily be stepped by one person of average strength, the unique steps make it easy to walk the masts up. Lines for both sails are led back to the cockpit.


  • The double axel trailer was professionally refurbished in June 2017 and is galvanized steel. Comes with one spare.


  • Scintilla is a very fast racing sharpie that is agile and fun to sail. Her traditional looks and styling may mislead people but she is a fast boat and should outrun many "modern" boats. She is a proven regatta winner and should be a thrill for whoever sails her.


  • I can provide delivery anywhere within 4 hours of Orlando, FL at no additional cost


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010 sailboat

    Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010 sailboat

    Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010 sailboat

    Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010 sailboat

    Westphal Racing Sharpie, 2010 sailboat