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Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964, Hampton, Virginia, $3,200, SOLD 6/23/18

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Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964

  • diesel power w/2 masts bamboo battens & Chinese Lug Rigged Dacron sails.


  • Builder: Ho Sang Shipyard, Hong Kong China
  • Model: pleasure Boat
  • Year constructed: 1964
  • No. of engines: 1
  • Engine model: outboard replaced by two cylinder DIXD Hercules inboard diesel
  • Engine power: 15 Hp.
  • Fuel type: Diesel

  • Length over all: 30'
  • Beam: 10'

  • Hull material: above waterline - TEAK
  • below waterline - YACAL (very heavy hard wood from far east - comparable to teak)
  • Fuel capacity: 27 Gallons

    HAS OVER 4 TONS OF LEAD, draws 3 1/2 ft, shallow draft Chinese style keel, large rudder w/stainless cap

  • displacement - over 10,000 lbs


  • Previous owner used "Practical Junk Rig" book by Hasler/Mcleod as guide.
  • Once he built the masts and completed sails, he spent time playing with the boat.
  • (VERY COOL AND HANDY, remove one 1" bolt for main mast, 3/4" for forward, mast's will pivot on remaining bolts and lay down securely next to each other


  • The Hull is sound. No leaks below water line,
  • 1 " Monel prop shaft 5 ft long, cutlass bearing and stuffing box in good shape,
  • Entire Hull covered with 2 layer heavy fiberglass,
  • 4 layers cloth at water line. Hull seams splined with juniper,
  • first layer of glass cloth bonded with 3M 5200 urethane (10 gallons),
  • remaining layers with "West" system epoxy: 1st layer cloth & epoxy,
  • 2nd layer has 50 micron copper mixed in epoxy to help keep bottom clean,
  • 3rd layer white pigment in Epoxy,remining layers epoxy w/collidal silica and micro ballons for fairing.
  • A pin hole deck leak that caused wood rot inside and that probably existed for 5 to 10 years has just been discovered sealed and fixed in 2017 using epoxy.
  • (2) 5ft-5/4" rough cut WHITE OAK boards and epoxy will be left for new owner to finish the sealed and epoxied ribs.
  • Entire boat has been tested thru snow ice and rain to be leak proof now.
  • Very roomy and at least 6ft headroom most areas
  • cockpit also boasts lots of room and great for entertaining your friends and to have them over.
  • Deck needs some cleaning and paint. The leak area has been fixed w/epoxy using fiberglass cloth, chopped strand and collidial silica.
  • hatch cover eventually would need to be replaced


  • Engine is a two cylinder DIXD Hercules diesel made in 1943,
  • Original engine manual
  • (2) spare injectors,
  • (2) spare high pressure injector fuel lines,
  • (2) spare injector pumps

  • "Keel cooler" mounted to transom below water line, thru hull above waterline
  • Stainless Dry exhaust w/ stainless muffler,
  • no thru hull fittings on boat below water line (except prop shaft) very simple engine but heavy for its 15 hp (500 lbs.).
  • These have a very good reputation and they keep on going and going.


  • Electrical panel is functioning but needs to be replaced and a new panel is included in the sale.
  • Bottom and Prop cleaned in 2016. Prop cleaned also October 2017. Both will probably need cleaning again and bottom should be painted next time it is out of water.

    There are literally hundreds of pics and documentation from previous owner which go thru the early construction modifications and the use of the boat. These will be forwarded to the new owner and the new owner will probably need them for presentations wherever he or she may sail as undoubtedly requests will be made and questions asked.

    Please Note

  • Boat currently in water and can remain in slip until you want to move it.
  • Have a very favorable rate which could be renegotiated. Can be sailed away after sea trials and few adjustments.
  • Also note that you do not need to do any major repairs or modifications to sail her away as she is.
  • A new bilge pump installed in 2017 is needed to be moved and fixed to a permanent location in the engine bay before getting ready to sail away after trials if I am not able to get to do this with previous owners help.

    Additional Info:

  • To get more ideas on how to do the interior and what colors you may want to use please look at the link below of a very similar boat that went on sale recently.
  • I have included the ornamental side wood for front and other extra wood to be used for the interior. Also I have included an extra sink.

    Let me know if an questions. More info More info

    Of note is that Daisy Mae has more battens in the sails than Dragon Lady and you can lay the masts down on Daisy Mae but doesn't look like you can on Dragon Lady and Daisy Mae also looks a bit less top heavy than Dragon Lady.

  • Ok sorry - no pirate included with Daisy Mae.

    Also previous owner is putting all the hundreds of pics he has on a thumb drive which I will pass on to new owner.

  • I will also check when previous owner is available for Q&A.


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    Video of Chinese Junk 1964.

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat

    Chinese Junk, 30 ft., 1964 sailboat