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Rhodes Robin dinghy, 10'10", Lexington, Kentucky, $1,500 with trailer, Price reduced 6/8/18 to $1,300, SOLD 10/21/18

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Rhodes Robin dinghy, 10'10",

Half Pint: A Classic Rhodes Robin dinghy. At 10' 10" the Robin was among Rhodes' smallest designs and is often described as the smallest dinghy able to be rigged as either a sloop or a catboat. This boat and her refurbishment were featured in the May/June issue of Good Old Boat Magazine.

FG hull;

  • L: 10'10",
  • Beam 4' 6",
  • Displacement 180 lb,
  • Date: UNK, post 1960,
  • Evanston Boat, most likely a kit version originally.


  • Half Pint on her trailer with the mast in the cat-rigged position.
  • Two Dwyer mast-steps I installed in the refurbishment to make raising the mast feasible.
  • New side-thwarts have been installed, but they are easily removable. I suspect that they may be too high up for proper stability with a full sized adult. The 11 foot Proctor-designed Gull dinghy shows similar side thwarts.
  • Also shown are the flotation (foam) under the forward thwarts and the new bow bulkhead to add a flotation chamber. Other floatation has been added under the exposed part of the foredeck, the side decks, and the rear thwart. Please note that I do not assert that the boat is self- rescuing.
  • Half-Pint in travel-mode. This clearly shows the two-part mast disassembled and racked. The mast is assembled with two built in sliding wedges that can be seen in the photo. The trailer is sound.

    The sails are by Siedelmann Sails and both the main and the jib are in good condition.

    What is still needed? I think there should be a new forestay, and the hull has some nicks and dings that I have not worked out. I have not installed oar locks, but they would be handy.

    She is located in the Lexington, Kentucky area, and both the boat and the trailer are for sale by bill of sale only. Kentucky does not require registration for small non-motorized craft and utility trailers.

    Priced at $1,300 including trailer.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Rhodes Robin dinghy, 10'10

    Rhodes Robin dinghy, 10'10

    Rhodes Robin dinghy, 10'10

    Rhodes Robin dinghy, 10'10