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Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976, Deer Isle, Maine or East Haddam, Connecticut, $1,700, SOLD 12/27/19

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Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976


  • All running and standing gear is in excellent condition.
  • New hardware on main and mizzen (bronze clips, etc)
  • Sails are great, esp. the jib and mizzen; main sail is a bit faded - though strong. (have sail bags for all three).
  • No hull cracks or structure issues
  • The spars (bowsprit, bumpkin, main mast mizzen mast, and yard) varnished and tight - no rot at all. Bowsprit newly varnished, but only three coats – should have 6-7.
  • Anchor road and chain great (Danforth 15lbs)
  • Floor boards good and strong
  • Centerboard and its rig work perfectly
  • Oars are varnished bright and leathered with marlin "collars"
  • All teak recently lightly sanded and cleaned (not oiled or varnished yet - father likes raw teak).
  • Boat is in excellent operating condition in terms of gear, sailing, etc. Really all is in perfect running condition, but not cosmetic, thus the low reserve price.

    Cons - She needs some cosmetic attention since my father did not get that far:

  • Gel coat is a 5.5 out of 10 - really needs a paint job if you are fussy - so to speak
  • Some crazing in cockpit, mizzen bumpkin slot cracked (but still works fine) -(see pix)
  • Gunnels trim at bow needs some cosmetics -- (see pix)
  • Transom cross board (where main sheet traveler is attached), has a piece that must have split this piece off. Right now I backed up the crack with marine ply and epoxy, but it needs to be sanded and made nice, or make a whole new transom board using old as template. New holes are there for traveler and all works fine (see pix), BUT I would make new holes through gunnels drilled horizontally so this weak point is fixed.
  • The jib sheet fairlead and the jib sheets cam cleats need to be refastened and re-bedded. As they are now they are loose. They do work fine, but soon they will come off I think.
  • The Interior I don't think warrants painting (would be great if it was painted of course) as the color and issues there are less of an issue.

  • She sails perfectly. I sailed her in the summer and beat my father in his longboat constantly due to the Dabbers ability to get up and move fast (react) in light changes of wind.

  • Trailering and launching is much easier than the Lugger or Longboat. This goes for beaching and gunk holing. This boat feels large and stable, but it is almost 1/2 the weight of the Lugger and spreads more sail per unit mass than the Lugger or Longboat. This translates to reactive behavior and fast acceleration - but stable enough to walk all around her with confidence (am I am 230lbs). Great in the lightest breeze too and easy reef in higher winds by just dripping the mainsail. One of the best things is this is a great boat to just motor around in or fish from. The heavy walled hull means you and relax a bit about grounding (I run the motor with about 6 inches of centerboard down as a feeler and so she tracks better, esp. in higher winds). A 6 hp 2 stroke fits very well in this boat and moves her to hull speed with less than 1/2 throttle -- sipping gas for weeks on a 5 gallon tank. Boat is very seaworthy and dry in larger stuff.

    There you have it - strong great boat that needs some makeup if you are looking to make her look new - needs nothing else if you are not concerned and just want get out and sail. A paint job with 2 part epoxy and fairing filler primer will make her look years younger.

    I have a trailer, but don't really want to sell it. It's in good shape. If you really need one I will sell for $600.

  • No motor comes with this boat
  • Can deliver cheap between mid Maine and North Carolina (within reason)- I'm limiting this to about 45 mins inland from the coast roads such as Route 95.
  • Boat currently in south eastern CT.
  • Feel free to ask any questions. This is a great boat in all conditions for single handed sailing or a family of up to 6 people, she will take care of you.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976 sailboat

    Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976 sailboat

    Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976 sailboat

    Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976 sailboat

    Drascombe Dabber 16ft., 1976 sailboat