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Dyer Midget dinghy, Rochester, New York, $900, SOLD 7/26/19

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Dyer Midget dinghy

We sold the mother boat and downsized. The tender is now for sale.

It was the perfect tender for our sailboats for the past 20+ years. It has been all over the great lakes and more.

It fits in the back of a full sized pickup. Tows behind your sailboat just fine. Great for introducing kids to sailing. Rows very well.

  • Full sailing rig. Rig is in great shape. All original bronze hardware. Wood is in good shape, but could use some work to shine. Sailing rig varnish is in great shape.

    This is a classic. Please do a web search.

  • Available new for $3,800 (sailing option), however, here is one that is a fraction of that price.

    Data from the web:

  • Length: 8'
  • Beam: 4'
  • Depth: 20"
  • Hull Weight: 90lbs (Sail)
  • Capacity: 465lbs
  • Sail Area: 36 sqft

    SOLD 7/26/19

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Dyer Midget dinghy sailboat

    Dyer Midget dinghy sailboat

    Dyer Midget dinghy sailboat

    Dyer Midget dinghy sailboat