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Escape Rumba, Lafayette, Louisiana, $800, SOLD 8/21/19

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Escape Rumba

  • Year = Unknown, between 2000 and 2009

  • Length = 12'
  • Centerboard
  • 1 main sail, Laser sail bought from Intensity Sails two years ago
  • trailer is included, in good shape, bought new two years ago, registered and titled in my name, lights need to be replaced, n tongue extension

    I'm selling my Escape Rumba sailboat. It is a 12' plastic sailboat that is meant to be easy to sail, and it is! The boat is quite light, as is the trailer, and the two combined weigh less than 1,000 pounds by a good amount, so most compact cars can tow it. This sailboat is plastic and is very easy to maintain, much like a plastic kayak, and takes up less space than most cars so it is also easy to store. I learned to sail on this boat and had a blast doing it. I did most of my sailing in Vermilion Bay, and the boat was easy to launch from the Quintana boat launch and then just sail it back onto the beach at Cypremort Point. The boat cannot sink, and the sail can be instantly reefed by using the roller fuller on the mast, which means you can push the boat to the edge without fear. If you need to reef, just pull on the reefing lines and you can reduce sail from full to nothing in less than a minute. The boat is easy to right after a capsize, and because it is so low to the water it is also easy to reenter the boat.

    Rigging the boat is no challenge. The mast splits into two sections to make transport easier, and can be stepped by one person while the boat is still on the trailer. The sail is a sock type sail, so no need to mess with lacing a sail, just slip it on the mast and you're ready to go! You can unship the rudder with a spring loaded pin so that there are no trailering accidents. The rudder is a kick up rudder so you can sail in very shallow waters without fear of breaking it.

    The trailer has bearing buddies on it, has a clean title and is registered in my name. I'm currently in the middle of changing the lights out to LED lights, I'll try to finish that before it's sold. The sail is two years old and has one season of sailing on it, so plenty of life left. Come check out this boat! I can rig it in the yard so you can see how easy it is.

    The price is $800 or best offer for the boat and the trailer.


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    Escape Rumba sailboat

    Escape Rumba sailboat

    Escape Rumba sailboat

    Escape Rumba sailboat