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Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983, Lafayette, Louisiana, $2,500, SOLD 9/24/19

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Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983

  • Length: 17' 4"
  • Centerboard
  • 1 main sail, decent condition
  • Trailer is included, have title and registration, and lights do work
  • Been in brackish salt water of the Vermilion Bay
  • One sail and mast cover
  • Fiberglass in good condition, a few small spots where the gelcoat has come up, and one fiberglass repair

    Selling my Mud Hen, which has been a very good boat to me and was a great second sail boat.

  • The Mud Hen is a very stable boat that has a very shallow draft with the board up, which lets you get into some really tight areas, but keeps you dry by sailing quite upright.
  • I can walk all along the gunnel of the boat with zero fear of it tipping over, even with a passenger on that side.
  • The mast is on a tabernacle and is easy to raise with no additional help, and the sail always stays laced on, making it a breeze to ready the boat at the boat ramp.
  • The Mud Hen is perfect for protected bodies of water, and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon with friends.
  • I've had 4 people in my boat comfortably, including all of us eating a lunch on the water!
  • I have the boat set up with a topping lift, elastic sail ties (like the Stow-A-Way system), tiller clutch, and pivoting lead blocks with cam cleats on the tabernacle for the throat and peak halyards.
  • All of this is to say that I have the boat set up to be able to raise and lower the sail from the back of the boat, making reefing and getting underway much easier than when I originally got the boat.
  • I can very confidently single hand this boat.
  • This boat is ready to go sailing again!
  • The title and registration for the boat, and the title and registration for the trailer are in my name.

    In the photo with the sail raised in the driveway, I have it single reefed.


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983 sailboat

    Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983 sailboat

    Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983 sailboat

    Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983 sailboat

    Florida Bay Mud Hen, 1983 sailboat