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Nimble 20, Hailey, Idaho, $7,000, Taken off market 10/20/19

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Nimble 20,

Classic looking very capable trailer sailor for sale in Hailey, Idaho with delivery possible. Great looking boat that can handle most anything you can throw at it. Current owners have owned since 2010, previous owner did 6 week trips in San Juan and Gulf Islands every year and was a writer for Small Craft Advisor. Has been fresh water boat on lake in Idaho since 2010 with one saltwater trip to San Juan Islands.

  • Price: $7,000
  • Location: Hailey, Idaho... delivery within reason possible
  • Lots of pictures, videos and detailed descriptions:


  • Canoe stern yawl, 20'10" on deck, 19'6" WL, 24' long including boomkin.
  • Tan bark working jib, main, mizzen and genoa.
  • Stub keel with ballast, swing centerboard for shallow (11") draft, hull would remain stable even if loss of centerboard
  • Claimed positive flotation by manufacturer (never tested!)
  • Self bailing cockpit
  • Oversized galvanized wire rigging, no chainplates for leak potential
  • All lines lead to cockpit for safety
  • 5 opening bronze portholes, LED lights, two large quarterberths, good storage for boat this size
  • 8 HP Yamaha outboard with high thrust prop, well maintained, rides in motor well (no cavitation, does not detract from boat's canoe stern lines)
  • Galvanized single axle trailer in good condition
  • Well equipped (see included equipment) with anchors, fenders, lines etc


  • Centerboard stripped, ground and epoxy boated (was corroded from use of copper based bottom paint on aluminum).
  • New larger drop rudder to replace smaller, corroded (copper paint again) drop.
  • Rudder refurbished (repainted, oversized bolt holes filled with epoxy and redrilled)
  • All lines lead to cockpit
  • Homebuilt screen hatch boards for ventilation, plexiglass hatch boards for light
  • Forestay backing plate added after forestay began pulling up from hull
  • Wiring reconnected (previous owner had disconnected), LED lights, simple switch panel.
  • Mounting brackets for Magma accessories (table - included or grill - not included)
  • Replaced anchor and steaming lights with LED, new triplex wire run in mast
  • New through mast electrical connection for mast wiring
  • New bow and stern running lights - incandescent (stern has short somewhere, not working)
  • Bilge blower wired into outboard well to clear exhaust fumes - without blower outboard can choke on exhaust sometimes in light winds / following breeze
  • Replaced bunk boards on trailer
  • High thrust prop for outboard, better tuned to this style of boat, better control in reverse
  • Remote fuel filter mounted in cockpit (outboard gas can connects to fuel filter, fuel filter to outboard).
  • V berth insert for additional gear storage


  • Trailer bearings repacked every few years
  • Outboard impeller replaced every other year
  • Outboard oil change (engine and lower end) twice a year
  • Outboard stored in heated garage in winter, winterized with fogging oil and drained carburetor and lines
  • Outboard greased including shaft (through grease zirc) annually
  • Hull waxed annually
  • Exposed wood oiled and sealed annually
  • Stored indoors during off season


  • Gel coat gets chalky by end of season regardless of how much waxing is done. Another round of rubbing compound should do the trick.
  • Gelcoat repairs with bad color match
  • Stern light not working (short somewhere, possibly in wiring in cockpit locker)
  • Trailer surge brakes don't work
  • Bottom paint should be touched up if in warm/salt water for lengthy periods
  • Centerboard hangs down ~1/2" - 1" even in all the way up position, when coming off trailer often have to manually push it down from inspection port in centerboard trunk.
  • Outboard trim tab has corner broken off, does not affect performance.
  • Headliner is dropping down a bit in v berth
  • Paint did not adhere to new aluminum drop rudder and has peeled (primer is still good).
  • Screen hatchboards don't quite allow the companionway slider to close


  • Jib, genoa, main, mizzen
  • Main & mizzen sail covers
  • Jib & genoa sail bags
  • Yuloh
  • Cabin table
  • Magma cockpit table
  • V berth and quarterberth cushions and pillows
  • Gear slings in both quarterberths
  • Fenders
  • Homebuilt (not factory) screen and plexiglass hatch boards
  • Bow anchor: 10kg (22lbs) claw, 20' 5/16" chain, 115' of 3/8 rode
  • Stern anchor: 7.5kg (16.5lbs) claw anchor, 10' 5/16" chain, 215' 5/16" line

    Boat is currently stored covered but it's not far away so I can get specific pictures of anything you might want if it's not covered on the website we created to sell this boat.

    We aren't in a huge rush as this boat's been very important to us and we want it to go to a good home... if you're that good home we'll do whatever we can to make a transaction work!

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    Nimble 20, sailboat

    Nimble 20, sailboat

    Nimble 20, sailboat

    Nimble 20, sailboat

    Nimble 20, sailboat