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Open Bic, Fort Worth, Texas, $1,200

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Open Bic,

  • fort Worth, TX

    My kids have grown out of the BIC, they're into High school Football and Cheer leading now. $1200


  • Boat, Spars, Sail, Boards, board bags, Spar and sail bag and hull plug. (complete)

    The Open Bic, often simply referred to as the Open Bic, is a single handed sailboat designed for younger sailors. Developed by Vitali Design, the boat was launched in 2006. It is an International Class, as recognized by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).[1] The ideal weight for a user of this boat is 30 kg (66 lb)–65 kg (143 lb), but it can accommodate up to 90 kg (200 lb),[2] making it suitable for children and young teens.


  • The thermoformed polyethylene hull is self-draining. In the event of a capsize or shipping water by some other means, the water simply flows down the angled floor of the cockpit and out of the open transom.


  • The two part, 2.1 kilograms (4.6 lb), O'pen Bic mast is made of a fiberglass epoxy composite. The boom is made of aluminum. These hold a 4.5 m2 sail made of K.Film - Polyester, with full-length battens of adjustable tension. A smaller, 3.8 m2 sail made only of Dacron (polyester) is also available. The rig is interchangeable with that of the Optimist.


  • The O'pen Bic uses a composite epoxy daggerboard, with a shock cord strap to hold it in place. The removable rudder is adjustable, with separate lines to raise and lower it, The rudder blade is composite epoxy, while the tiller and tiller extension are aluminum.

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    Open Bic, sailboat

    Open Bic, sailboat

    Open Bic, sailboat