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Penobscot 14, Carmel, New York, $5,600, SOLD 10/27/19

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Penobscot 14

A beautiful 14’ wooden lapstrake Whitehall styled rowing hull is designed to be sailed with 2 sailing rigs. Choose a stayed Gunter/ jib arrangement or switch to an unstayed “tan bark” standing lug sail. Both rigs are designed to be struck and allow you to row. Okume marine plywood planks are ss screw fastened to fore and aft sitka spruce stringers and sealed in epoxy to allow for leak free trailer sailing. The fore and aft run eliminates frames that trap water and debris.

  • The red oak centerboard and kick up rudder attached with bronze pintles, lets you easily depart from the beach. Honduras mahogany was used for the keel as well as the trim edge of the white pine thwarts. The keel has a white oak external layer. Gunwales of white ash and a sheer plank of sitka spruce make for a sturdy hull bracing. Sealed chambers fore and aft provide flotation.
  • All the stays are ss with Ronstan and Harken blocks. Halyards and sheets are all new , spars, booms, and masts are spruce. The white jib, and main sail are made by Pope as well as the “tan bark” lug sail. Both mains have reef points and reefing gear. Bronze oarlocks support a pair of pine leathered oars. This boat doesn’t leak a drop.
  • The 2014 Loadrite trailer with bunks and rollers is almost brand new with excellent tires, and a spare packed bearings ready to go.

    Additional equipment: 4 fenders, anchor and rode, canvass cover, cover struts, tiller extension, trailer tie down strap, bilge pump.

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    Please see this video on Gunter rig.

    Video of Lug rig

    Penobscot 14 sailboat

    Penobscot 14 sailboat

    Penobscot 14 sailboat

    Penobscot 14 sailboat

    Penobscot 14 sailboat

    Penobscot 14 sailboat