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Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015, Essex, New York, $12,500, SOLD 6/9/20

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Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015

  • Customized for Adventure Cruising
  • Essex, NY (on Lake Champlain)
  • Price $12,500

    Boat professionally built by John Marples, designer of the Seaclipper series of Trimarans.

  • 2015 2 HP Honda motor – long shaft.
  • White sails (fully battened main with sail slides and roller furling jib). Spinnaker- with sail bags.
  • Synthetic rigging.
  • Extra wide side benches for tent camping.
  • Custom pop-up tent included.
  • LED magnetic running lights.
  • Custom trailer. Waterproof LED tail lights.


  • Length 15’11”
  • Beam 11’3″
  • Ama length 14′
  • Beam on Trailer under 8′
  • Weight approx. 400 lbs (bare boat)
  • Mast height 26’6″
  • Mast height above water 27′
  • Mainsail area 146 sq. ft.
  • Jib sail area 28 sq. ft.
  • spinnaker sail area 195 sq. ft.
  • Draft hull only 11″
  • Draft board down 2’7″
  • Designer/ Builder -John Marples

    Anchoring/ Docking

  • Danforth anchor with line.
  • Dock lines.
  • Two fenders

    The Custom SC 16 Adventure Cruiser is outstanding in a number of critical areas.

    Ability to handle rough weather.

  • The main can be dropped, reefed or raised in high winds. The boat will lie close to the wind with the main out and the rudder to windward in any weather I have encountered. Skipper can have lunch, move about the boat, deal with tangled lines.

    Wind and Spray Protection

  • The full-width deck benches, the windshield, and the properly-motor mount cut down on excess spray coming into the cockpit.


  • The main boom sheet runs into the cockpit just aft of the mast, allowing it to be instantly released. Built-in hand bilge pump.
  • Fore and aft LED hockey puck type running lights with magnetic mounts.

    Ability to camp comfortably on board

  • On board camping area under tent will stay dry in the rain and wind. It is well-ventilated, has separate bunk, comfortable seating, and storage accessible from the cockpit.

    Storage capacity

  • Deep and accessible storage. Two access hatches in the floor of the main hull. Forward and rear large deck hatches. Hatch to access rear compartment from cockpit.Two access hatches in each ama.

    Boat reviews

  • John Marples Seaclipper 16 website:
  • Jim Brown checks out Limonada:
  • Christopher Cunningham review in Small Boats Monthly:
  • Small Boats Monthly video:

    Why a Seaclipper 16?

  • I was looking to replace my Windrider 17 (rotomolded plastic) that I had modified for adventure cruising over a six year period. I knew the features I wanted to be built into the new trimaran. John Marples, who designed the Seaclipper series was willing to build this boat to meet my adventure cruising needs:
  • The boat sails from a seated position in the cockpit with foot-pedal steering. All lines lead to the cockpit. (The SC 16 also can be sailed with a crew member using the tiller extension and seating on the side benches.)
  • A deep daggerboard and pull up rudder with false transom allows the boat to be sailed close to the wind and be beached with ease.
  • The Hobie 14 mast, with a reefing mainsail, sail slides and a boom-vang, combined with a roller furling job and a spinnaker provides plenty of power. The sail configuration allows sail area to be reduced easily in stronger winds.
  • The single large central cockpit – almost 7′ long with a coaming and extra -wide plywood benches are ideal for securing a popup tent and provide adequate space for a single bunk.
  • Flat wing folding system allows for easy set up. Mast can be raised and lowered with the amas folded. Boat can be easily trailered (under 8′ beam).
  • The deep hull with multiple hatches and compartments provides lots of storage capacity for cruising.


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    Please see this video review of boat by Jim Brown.

    Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015 sailboat

    Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015 sailboat

    Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015 sailboat

    Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015 sailboat

    Seaclipper 16 Trimaran, 2015 sailboat