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Where Can You Enjoy Vape in Texas

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Where Can You Enjoy Vape in Texas

Texas underwent a few legislation changes recently. And, some of these legislation changes extend to the vaping realm. Some Texas residents have difficulties navigating the new regulations. That’s because some of the new regulations are confusing. As such, it’s crucial to know where residents and visitors are allowed to enjoy their vapes in Texas.
Under the law of Texas, an e-cigarette is not explicitly categorized as a tobacco product. Instead, an electronic cigarette is referred to as a battery-powered or a mechanical device that people use to simulate the smoking act by using it to deliver nicotine into their bodies.
The new law extends to the packaging of e-cigarettes. Texas has a few rules that directly relate to the packaging of e-cigarettes. The state has mostly focused on protecting individuals from e-liquids. That’s because these liquids are the ones that carry nicotine in liquid form. As such, all vape stores are required to sell clearly labeled products. They should also be packaged in child-resistant containers.

Where People Enjoy Vapes in Texas
Before highlighting the places where people can enjoy vaping in Texas, it’s crucial to note that the newest laws in Texas prohibit the purchase and use of vaporizers by persons under the age of 18 years. Vape shops are required to check the IDs of their customers to ensure that only adults purchase their products.
According to the Health and Safety Code 161.086, mechanical means of selling vaping products or vending machines should limit their vapor sales to venues that allow entry to persons aged 18 years and above.
In most cases, people are allowed to enjoy their vapes in some public places. The main places where vaping is prohibited include:

  • Government buildings
  • Daycares
  • Schools
    This prohibition also includes parking areas, playgrounds, and drop-off lines.
    On the other hand, hospitals, college campuses, and other venues can designate smoking and vaping areas on site. In some places, it is entirely illegal to vape in public places. But, you can always check out for signage when in doubt or ask a local. Alternatively, check out the local ordinances before you start enjoying your vape.

    Variation in Localities
    Anybody can buy vaping products from the best online vape store and have them delivered to their home, hotel room, or office in Texas. It makes it more comfortable even for minors to access vaping products without having their IDs checked. But, to protect non-smokers from the potential side effects of vapes, different localities have implemented vaping bans.
    But, these vaping bans vary from one locality to another. For instance, while Austin has banned vaping in all enclosed workplaces, including restaurants and bars, Bedford has banned vaping in restaurants only. That means people can enjoy their vapes in bars and other enclosed workplaces.
    Nevertheless, vaping bans in Texas affect 17 localities, and it mostly affects bars and restaurants.
    Therefore, conduct some research to find out whether your district allows vaping in bars and restaurants or bars only to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.
    Why Texas Enacted Strict Vaping Laws
    The move to restrict vaping in Texas was prompted by an increase in young vaping Texans. It led to the development of a public health crisis with more cases of vaping-related illnesses being reported in the state.
    As such, the enactment of strict laws about the use of e-cigarettes was a move by the state to deal with the ramifications of vaping.
    The major concern of the state was the health of individuals and people that see vaping as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, by enacting strict laws that regulate the sale and use of e-cigarettes, as well as, other vaping products, the state aimed to protect the people. What’s more, the state wanted to warn people about the possible health hazards of using e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, there is still a challenge because monitoring vape shop online sales are not easy. Thus, even minors can again order vaping products online despite the strict rules in Texas.

    More People Switching to Vaping
    Texas has a significant decrease in traditional cigarette smoking in the last decade. However, the number of vapers has increased in the state over the same period. It implies that most people that used to smoke traditional cigarettes switched to vaping.
    Although traditional cigarettes are still the most common way of consuming tobacco products, some people have ditched them and started vaping. For instance, cigarette smoking decreased by 19.55% over the past ten years. At the same time, vaping increased by 2.13% in Texas.
    But, vaping is not completely harmless. It’s also surrounded by many unknowns. That’s why Texas came up with laws to protect people from the potential side effects of vaping.

    The Dangers
    E-cigarettes are electronic devices that are filled with an active ingredient. In most cases, tetrahydrocannabinol or nicotine or both are found in the vape juice. In some cases, people don’t know the vape juice online ingredients. But, when some of the elements of vape juice are heated, they turn into vapor or the aerosol that an electronic cigarette user inhales.
    Texas has reported over 100 cases of vaping-related illnesses. While what causes the diseases is not established yet, preliminary investigations have hinted at vitamin E acetate. It is is a thinning agent that is used in most THC-containing vaping products. Primarily, around 90% of vaping-related illnesses reported in
    Texas involved people that had used THC-containing products.
    Nevertheless, no long-term study has been done yet. Therefore, the long-term effects of vaping to both vapers and those around them are however to be known. Consequently, Texas has enacted and maintained strict laws that regulate where people can and can’t enjoy their vapes.

    The Bottom Line
    There are many places to enjoy vape in Texas, including some bars and workplaces. However, it’s prohibited to vape in some areas like schools and government buildings. Thus, though you can have an online vape store deliver vaping products to you in Texas, you’re limited to where you can use them. Therefore, find out where vaping is allowed or prohibited to avoid trouble with law enforcers.