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Custom Bolger 7, 2015, Las Cruces, New Mexico, $300, Price reduced 1/24/21 to $275, SOLD 2/3/21

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Custom Bolger 7, 2015

  • Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • price: $275

    World's Ugliest Seven Foot Sailboat!

  • LOA 7 feet, beam 3 feet, 18 inches deep.
  • Six inch draft displacement ~ 465 pounds. I haven't weighed the hull but guess it to be about 60 pounds.

    Ugly but sails great! GPS'd at four knots.

  • Inspired by Phil Bolger's Tortoise, Brick, and other boxy punts.
  • Built by me in 2015, only sailed a couple of times.
  • Sail (current price $257 from Duckworks) for John Welsford's "Tender Behind", crispy new, 35 square feet.
  • Open area 3 feet by five feet, one person only or two small children. Uses "leegerboard" (cross between daggerboard and leeboard).
  • If you have read Phil Bolger's "100 Small Boat Rigs" you know that the balanced lug rig is dirt simple yet very weatherly and safe too. If you release the halyard the sail is coming down fast, won't jam like a sail with slides or in a slot.
  • Though ugly and needing a decent paint job, top quality materials: okoume marine plywood, epoxy. Aluminum mast, wood yard and boom.
  • Bow and stern air chambers (3 cubic feet each) with Beckson hatches provide over 360 pounds of reserve buoyancy and storage.


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    Custom Bolger 7, 2015 sailboat