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Johnson 18, 1996, Sugar Hill, Georgia, $3,850, SOLD 2/4/22

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Johnson 18, 1996 sailboat for sale

On Performance Trailer with Folding Tongue and New Spare Tire. Good Sails. Boat in Very Good Condition and Ready To Go.

NOTE: Boat shown under sail is manufacturer photo.

Maunufacturer info:

  • The Johnson 18 is a blend of speed, simplicity and stability.
  • It steers with a feather-light helm, planes upwind, flies downwind, and was bred for speed by one of the oldest, family-owned, custom sailboat manufacturers in the world.
  • With an asymmetrical spinnaker, loose footed main and roller-furling jib there is plenty of power to this unique design. The scow-like hull with pointed bow, centerboard and sail shape provide the speed.
  • The Johnson 18 National Class Association has regatta information and tuning tips.

    According to a review by Robert Perry, Rodger Martin designed the Johnson 18 for Skip Johnson of Johnson Boatworks. The idea was to combine speed and stability without the use of trapezes. The result is an exciting dinghy with some near-novel features. Its a rocket...Reports say the Johnson 18 is a very well-mannered, fast and manageable dinghy. According to the brochure, an adult can stand out at the deck edge, and the boat heels only 8 degrees. The Johnsons 6-foot 7-inch beam also helps keep the boat on its feet in a breeze. A beamy, trapezeless dinghy with speed and stability.


  • Good Main, Jib and Spinnaker
  • Hull and Cockpit in Very Good Condition
  • Performance Trailer with Folding Tongue and New Spare Tire
  • Boat Cover


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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Johnson 18, 1996 sailboat

    Johnson 18, 1996 sailboat

    Johnson 18, 1996 sailboat

    Johnson 18, 1996 sailboat