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MacGregor 26X, 1999, Kingston, Oklahoma, $7,500, SOLD 9/5/21

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MacGregor 26X, 1999 sailboat for sale

  • 26ft long

    Kingston, OK

    I'm selling this for a friend. He passed away, and his widow wants this gone.

  • My friend bought it four years ago, and never was able to put it on the water. It has sat under a tarp in his yard all this time.

    from the owner before my friend bought it:

  • "I've owned the boat since 2004. The engine starts on the first crank.
  • Two years ago the carbs were rebuilt and the water thermostat and water pump impeller were replaced.
  • The sails and rigging are in excellent condition. first
  • The hull is in good .
  • There are some deck repairs that I have made with epoxy and fiberglass that were made by me (maybe a little rough).
  • The boat was on a lift in 2004 during Hurricane Charlie and probably banged into the support posts..
  • The mast and roller furling were destroyed and replaced with MacGregor parts.
  • If not for the rough repairs, I would be asking $10,000.
  • Attached are photos of my repairs, a picture of the original damage and a picture of my boat trailer.
  • The repairs were made in 2004 and have stood the test of time.
  • The boat is in the water and probably needs a bottom paint job. I last painted it 2.5 years ago
  • The trailer does not have brakes and is in good condition . Two new tires and two almost new tires.

    I towed the boat from FL to TN in 2008, about 800 miles.

    the cockpit cushions and the sleeping cushions are in my garage and have not been used since I bought the boat in 2004. They are in good condition."

    My observations:

  • The trailer is aluminum, but it doesn't look like it has trailer brakes. (confirming what is stated above).
  • The boat and trailer probably weigh ~3000lb. I wouldn't recommend pulling it with a light weight vehicle unless you put brakes on it.
  • The tires look in good condition, and have been covered with RV wheel covers where they are exposed to the sun.
  • The boat needs a good cleaning, of course, but looks serviceable.
  • The motor cowling was sun faded, and my friend painted it and put Honda stickers on it, but it doesn't look awesome...
  • He has kept a cover on the motor and the pedestal.
  • If this boat was cleaned up and everything tested, maybe the repairs re-done and fared a little better, this would be a 10-12k boat.

    See the pictures of the repairs. repairs on the deck and the berth liner, not the hull, and are rain tight. functional but not perfect

  • We are asking $7.5k. I think that is very reasonable, considering.

    sadly, no "smiling human" pictures, as my friend never was able to take it out on the water. He got sick basically as soon as he got this boat.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat

    MacGregor  26X, 1999 sailboat