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Shellback - Traditional Dinghy, 2016, Dubuque, Iowa, $5,000, Price reduced 3/23/22 to $3,600, SOLD 4/16/22

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Shellback, 2016

  • LOA - 11' 2"
  • Beam - 4' 5" Draft (db up) - 6 1/2"
  • (db down) - 2' 3"
  • Weight - about 100 lbs.
  • Sail Area - 54 sq. ft.
  • Built 2016 – was in the water 4 times for testing

  • Strakes are meranti marine plywood
  • Transom and seats are sepele (15/16” thick)
  • Port and Starboard seats were added summer of 2020
  • Center frame and stem are sepele and ash
  • Spars and oars are super fine grain Douglas fur
  • The oars are balanced and feel light to row with.
  • Red sail is from Wooden Boat Store

    Note from Iain Oughtred's book "Clinker Plywood Boat Building Manual" [page 124]

    "My criteria for any finish are that it should...
    Enable the boat to last a life time.
    Enhance the appearance of the boat.
    Not require complex preparations or great skill to apply.
    Require a reasonable minimum of time, and energy to maintain.
    Not be very expensive
    Be pleasant to use.
    OIL FINISH: easy to apply and maintain – excellent penetration and flexibility mean better protection than any of the above (in my opinion) – does not give a high-gloss finish"

    I did weeks of not months of testing and found Watco Teak Oil to work beyond my expectations.

  • The finish did in fact harden 'in' the wood and had a semi-gloss look.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • It is the only way I would finish a boat in bright finish.
  • And if you must one can paint over it.

  • Asking $3,600 OBO
  • Dubuque Iowa


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    Please see this video:

    Shellback, 2016 sailboat

    Shellback, 2016 sailboat

    Shellback, 2016 sailboat

    Shellback, 2016 sailboat