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Windrider Sailing Tango Trimaran, Tampa, Florida, $1,200, Price reduced 11/7/21 to $800, SOLD 11/9/21

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Windrider Sailing Tango Trimaran sailboat for sale

Military movers come to pack it up on Nov 16th so the sale would need to happen before that date

I have owned this small sailboat for a little over three years and selling it because we are a military family and PCS’ing across the country and don’t want to take it with me.

  • If you are not familiar with the Windrider brand, particularly the Tango there are some links below to help you get acquainted.

  • Length 10' 11"
  • Beam 10' 6"
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Mast height 19'
  • Sail area 52sq.ft. Dacron
  • Draft 6"
  • Feet controlled kick-up rudder
  • Comfortable seat with back
  • Single line control

    The Windrider 10 is a pocketful of fun for anyone at any age. Hoist the sail, put your feet on the pegs and go. A whisper can move it. The main hull weighs just 70 pounds so it rides easily on most car tops. The boat can set it up in less than 10 minutes with no tools, hop in and sail away. Turns on a dime. 1-2 person capacity Paddles easy if the wind dies down and one is included. Easily fits in the back of a pickup, van, or SUV.

  • I put my then 14-year-old son in the boat, he had never sailed but after 5 minutes of basic instructions, he took off, sailed into the bay, and came back. Truly, anyone can sail this boat, no experience is needed.
  • The boom is high enough that you don't have to worry about ducking when the sail changes sides. The sail has a single line control for one-handed operation. It steers with footpegs adjustable for any height or the passenger in front of you.
  • The boat is ultra-stable and has plenty of room for extra gear. I never overnighted with it but there is more than enough room to take a weekend’s worth of gear. I have sailed in much stronger winds than I ever would in any similar small monohull sailboat and have always felt safe. Even with one ama buried there was no feeling that a capsize was about to happen.
  • Like a hot rod sailboat in high winds.
  • Located in Tampa Fl. On MacDill AFB.


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    Windrider Sailing Tango Trimaran sailboat

    Windrider Sailing Tango Trimaran sailboat