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Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, catamaran, 2021, Clear Lake, Texas, $9,500

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Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, catamaran sailboat for sale

For sale I have a Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, currently berthed on Clear Lake, TX. Clear titles in hand. I'm funny how I sell a boat. I will NOT take any money until you see her, and preferably sail her with me. She's in the water and ready to sail, so call me and after we chat, if you think you're interested, we'll go sailing! If you're not local we'll have to see what we can work out.

She's 24' long, 14' beam, launched is 2021, but the construction was started many years ago. I got her from a guy who got her from the original builder, the hulls are pretty much as I got them but I built everything else in-between new in 2019-20. It was meant to be a Strider, so it has dagger boards and aft facing entries. But I narrowed it to 14' beam, added a tall mast beam, and decked it to the forward beam. That makes it closer to a Shadow. (LOTS of deck space!) If you don't know these boats, please google "Woods Catamaran", go to Richard's site, and you'll see the plans and explanations. The hulls are strip cedar to the gunnel and marine ply above. All covered in fiberglass and epoxy.

The boat comes as pictured. She's shallow drafted, about 6" with board up, and takes the beach well. She's fairly fast, especially if you are used to monohulls. In light airs she's always going 5-7, even when you think she's not. And when things pipe up, she's in the double digits very easily. My fastest was 15+, but I'm conservative. She's stable, of course, and I reef early for fear of breaking something, not capsizing. She's a joy to sail, and very simple. There are no winches on this boat, a 2:1 system on the jib sheets does very well. If you know the basics of sailing you can sail her easily.

The design is often called "trailerable", but I prefer "demountable". At the ramp it's a 3-4 hour task to assemble this boat. That's me alone, help can speed things up some. But it will never be 30 minutes! Today it took 3.5 hours alone, and that included a few guys stopping by to ask questions. But I've done it dozens of times, so I know what goes where. She's been from the Mexican border to the Florida Panhandle in the 2 years since I commissioned her, and she's proven herself over and over. I sail her in about any conditions, offshore or inshore.

The rig was borrowed from a South Coast 26 monohull, and is about the minimum the designer would accept, so speeds are not nearly what they could be with a bigger rig. Main is good, jib is functional but aged, both have slab reefing which I use a lot. I've set up jiffy reefing on both sails. If you've never seen slab reefing on a jib, trust me, it works great!

The interiors are bare. It was my intention to add berths and a micro-galley, but after a while I realized she's really a camping boat or day-sailer, the hulls are just too narrow (IMO) to bother building them out, I have a free-standing tent I pitch on deck which works really well.. YMMV. Speaking of the interiors: They look awful, just being honest. The guy who built the hulls just didn't care I guess. He made zero effort to make the inside pretty. I thought a coat of paint unifying the areas of unpainted and painted would help, but it didn't really. It is what it is, it's totally functional, and looks good from the outside :-)

Engine is a Tohatsu 9.8 I bought new in 2020, but it's WAY too much engine. I chose it for electric start and charging. But it's more than double what it should have. I'll take $1500 off the price if you'd like to take her w/o the engine and buy a nice new engine yourself (I'd prefer this, actually, I have a use for this engine). 4HP is plenty, but I think the perfect engine would be a 6HP sail pro.

The electrical system is basic and includes a new deep-cycle battery, fixed VHF, a small inverter, and all the normal charging ports and running/anchor lights. Also has a little solar to keep the battery up. Includes a Tiller pilot (Raymarine ST2000), nearly new, works SO NICE!

The trailer is included free of charge if you want it.: It's not in good condition at all, very rusted and patched up. Axles (2) and wheel/tires are actually almost new. I made sliding bunks out of timber that allow you to trailer it at 8.5 feet and then expand it to 14' at the ramp. It works, I used it this morning, but it's not pretty. A bill of sale and title will be provided, but will include a release stating that the trailer is for pattern only, not intended for road travel. Really, replacing the tongue would make it OK for a while.

Slip may be available for the new buyer, pending your conversation with the owner. It's privately owned by a friend of mine, located behind some condos. I won't name a price, but I can tell you it's well below market value.

Email Gordo at

  • or phone 979-665-nine-0-two-six
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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, catamaran sailboat

    Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, catamaran sailboat

    Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, catamaran sailboat

    Richard Woods designed Strider/Shadow, catamaran sailboat