Letter from the Admiralty naval agents to Francis Godolphin Bond, December 18, 1790

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This is a letter from the Admiralty naval agents, telling Bond that he could stay aboard the Hyena at Milford Haven if he wishes, rather than take up his commission on the Inconstant at Portsmouth. It mentions Bond's brother, who had left the ship the Elephant. This was a pity, as he lost the bounty that was paid to that ship from prizes that she had taken.

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Your esteemed favor of the 14th. Ins. came to hand last post only, in consequence of which we have enquired at the Admty and find the present Lieutenants of the Inconstant are as on the otherside, that the ship is now at Portsmouth, and that its generally supposed she will continue in Commission only while the extra force is kept up, which probably may be until April or May next, but there seems not the least idea of her being intended for India, and if there was we apprehend you would find no difficulty in procuring an exchange from her into somewhat in home service, however this is mere matter of opinion, and therefore after having said thus much respecting the ship you had best judge for yourself the steps most proper to be pursued. As the remove from the Hyena did not happen from your own application, we are well assured if you would rather wish to remain where you are, you will only have to write Mr. Stephens to beg he will move their Lordships to cancel your Commission for the Inconstant, as at the Distance you are now from her the expense of removing your things will be so great as to make your continuance in the Hyena a matter of great convenience; you will at some time mention that the nomination to the Inconstant was not from any solicitation of yours or of anyone in your behalf to your knowledge, and therefore probably originated in mistake. We have not heard from your brother since the 17th. November when he was at Southampton, having quitted the Elephant before the Convention took place, which was unlucky, as he was thereby prevented receiving the three months Bounty - that ship being new paid off. Any bill you may find it convenient to draw you may depend will meet due honor by
Your most Obedient Humble Servants Ommanncy and Page

18 Dec. 1790 Lieut. F.G.Bond of His Maj. Ship Hyena Hubberstone Milford Haven Wales Lieuts. Alex. Gordon - 1st. F.G.Bond - 2nd. I. Howden - 3rd.

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Click for pdf file of this document

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