Draft of letter by Francis Godolphin Bond in Haslar hospital to Lord Spencer, September 12, 1798

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Transcription of letter from Francis Godolphin Bond to Lord Spencer

September 12, 1798
Haslar Hospital 12th. Sept.
My Lord,
Since your presidency at the Admiralty, I have frequently flattered myself that my addresses would have merited some consideration; and not as yet meeting with the success I fondly imagined might attend my application, I will therefore forbear to recount my past services and disappointment, resting solely on your Lordships equitable determination.
About 3 years ago my Lord, when I had the honor of making myself personally known, you perceived an officer whose services had commenced before the American war, and who had suffered most grievously from being blown up, without enjoying any gratuity whatever: and after considering my case you were pleased to strengthen my hope of promotion by assuring me "You would keep me in remembrance." From that period I have experienced, perhaps, more than the common vicissitudes of my profession, having on the last cruise received a violent contusion of my breast, with three wounds in my left thigh; and although these last have put on a favourable appearance, the former is but little palliated by the application of blisters and other remedies. I have been favoured, unrequested, with the most flattering testimonial of my conduct from Sir R.J. Strachan, whose knowledge of me is confined to my publick character; and if your Lordship should be desirous of further acquaintance with this circumstance, I am authorised to call upon him for any additional recommendation. As the season is favourable, and the Netley ready to sail, I am induced to leave the Hospital, at least for the present; trusting that with some care I may be able to improve my health at sea, and yet attend to any service that may be required of me : and if countenanced by you My Lord, with what pleasure shall I consider myself -
Your Lordship's Most obliged
and very humble servant F.G.Bond

To Right Honourable Earl Spencer Admiralty

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