Letter to Francis Godolphin Bond from Admiral Keith, 1798 (estimated)

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Copyright © 2008, Alison Pryce, all rights reserved.

In 1800 Admiral Lord Keith succeeded Earl St Vincent (formerly Admiral Jervis), as Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean, with Rear Admiral Nelson under him.
This letter is not all readable due to Admiral Lord Keith's penmanship, but it appears there has been some skullduggery going on with the bounty given to the officers of the fleet, from the prizes that were taken during the war. We estimate it was written in 1798, because it was addressed to Francis Godolphin Bond on the Netley.

Dear Sir
I am much obliged by your letter and pleased by your activity which I sincerely wish I could recompense by bounty but that rests elsewhere. I will by your desire Mr Lyne to pay the adv eighth to Mr. Hunter who is my correspondent at Lisbon, when Mr Tucker was here as Lord St Vincent's agent he received for the whole flag officers myself one. My ? who is my agent expects to do the same and it seems impossible for any other than my agent to know the number or changes of flag officers on the command. All this is well known to Mr Lyne and if not complied with I will elicit the officers and ship's company to employ agents who will and I have little doubt of succeeding in my applications, however backdated. I have even him in meddling with Captain's Choice. If you hear or see the Millhose I by you will inform the Commander. I have had a ? and ask ? from him nor any respect of his arrival under my command excepting the Admiralty order I desire may be regularly sent. I am Dear Sir Yours Sincerely Keith Lt. Bond Netley

Click for pdf file of this document

Click for pdf file of this document

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