Letter to Francis Godolphin Bond from his aunt M. Bond, wife of Thomas Bond, surgeon at Addenbrookes Hospital. July 14, 1802

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Copyright © 2008, Alison Pryce, all rights reserved.
This is a letter from Frances's aunt who lived in Cambridge. She mentions "The Commencement" - a ceremony when degrees of Master and Doctor are conferred at Cambridge University. M. Bond was the wife of Thomas Bond (uncle of Francis) - a surgeon at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

They did write a bit differently than we are likely to write today.

Cambridge 14th. July - 1802
Dear Nephew,
I do most earnestly, intreat your pardon for not answering your kind letter sooner, impute it not to neglect. The real cause is illness, and the hurry of the Commencement - which put it out of my power - it has been a gay time and I am heartily glad it is over. I have not partaken of any of its pleasures - for my youngest girl has been very unwell, since she returned from school, but is thank God much better. We have received a very valuable urn - accept our sincere and grateful thanks - but excuse me when I say that I am sorry you should think it necessary to make any return for the few civilities shewn from us. The affectionate attachment which you and family express to ours, made a full amends. I can speak particularly in regard to myself and it often dwells on my mind with pleasure.- If the visit was agreeable, I hope and trust that you will repeat it. How does my dear Sophy and little Tom you did not mention him in your last letter and I was apprehensive he might not be well but Mary has just received a charming epistle from my other daughter Juliana who informs us that he is and with you in Devonshire which has eased our fears.- Poor Thomas has at times been very unwell since you left us but has now had an interval of three weeks, a comfort that he has not experienced a great while. Many thanks are due for your consolation and I will endevour to make it my own - indeed I am well convinced that resignation and trust can alone lighten our burdens or alleviate those afflictions which continually fall to our lot. We have had another bustle in our county election owing to a new candidate starting up in the room of Sir Henry Peyton who in a very shabby manner has deserted his friends. Mr. York our old member has been used very ill by the populace but is returned in triumph by those of respectability -- all our friends have left College, Mr. Brandreth excepted and he talks of going soon to Liverpool. Elizabeth leaves us next Monday to go into Essex where she will make a short stay -- by Miss Snows letter learn that you are going to Exeter. I have heard it described as a delightful place and fear you will not in a hurry quit it. Is it not selfish in me to say fear if it proves agreeable to you - Forgive and set it down to human nature. Remember me very kindly to my sister who I imagine you are with also to Charlotte and Thomas. I beg my dear Sophia will accept my sincere and best wishes for her health and happiness. Accept also the same yourself and child and may every blessing attend you your uncle and cousins in the same.
and I am Dear Nephew
your affectionate
Aunt M. Bond
P.S. I find the family must soon prepare to go to Ditton at least a part, as harvest is coming on but shall delay it as long as I can as our house is not in so settled a state as in the time of our old family which makes me loth to leave it.
Whenever opportunity offers if either you or my dear Sophia will let me hear from you will greatly add to my pleasure.
Present my love to Juliana- once more Adieu.

To Captain Bond
in Plymouth Dock
on Mount Billing

Click for pdf file of this document

Click for pdf file of this document

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