Letter by Francis Godolphin Bond to Lord St. Vincent, December 26, 1802

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This letter is from Francis Godolphin Bond to Lord St. Vincent. He is petitioning for his nephew, who at 12 years of age has been in the Navy for 4 years.

Cleve/ about the 26th. Dec. 1802

My Lord,
Notwithstanding the very eminent instance I lately experienced of your patronage and favor, I am still induced to hope your Lordship will extend that indulgence in admitting to the benefit of Portsmouth Academy, on the late foundations for officers' sons, a nephew of mine, who has already, though but 12 years of age, been actually at sea four years, on board several of His Majesty's ships.
My elder brother, who has been a Lieutenant in the Navy twenty four years, and was, I am credibly informed, the senior officer of that rank, in the memorable attack of the 14th. of Feb. 1797, though subordinately placed in a flag ship; obtained the honor of being actively present on that glorious day; and has now to bring forward a family of four sons with a very circumscribed income.
The oldest, the subject of my present application, is gone with his father for a few months to France, to perfect his knowledge of the French tongue; and as he promised one day to do credit to the honorable profession for which he is destined, I am flattered, through your Lordship's means to see him advantageously placed in a seminary which has already produced so many distinguished officers.
I have the honor to be My Lord
Your Lordships very obedient Humble Servant F.G.Bond

To the Earl of St. Vincent K.B.

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