The Restoration Of Wookie - A Flicka 20, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3. The following article represents excerpts taken from the Blog ( written by Chris Vassiliou. This information can only be published with permission given in writing by Chris Vassiliou. No changes can be made without the written consent of Chris Vassiliou. No publisher has the exclusive rights to this information. This information is distributed to several editorial magazines for printing.

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The Restoration Of Wookie - A Flicka 20 by Chris Vassiliou

Let The Real Fun Begin!

On deck, it was a great feeling removing what I considered to be unnecessary hardware. When it was all over the excessive wiring, second rear running light and VHF antenna on her stern pulpit were gone, the excessive wires around the mast had been cut off, the extra bow running light was removed and the electrical deck fittings were removed (except for the mast light). Wookie's deck looked simple, clean and almost naked.

The cockpit bulkheads were cleaned up and all holes replaced with teak.

When May arrived Wookie's interior was barren. It was time to have my dream interior built. A few weeks earlier I had reached out to Pacific Seacraft for advice in relation to fixing the porthole gaskets. To my surprise, I found they were already doing restorations and would welcome Wookie back to their factory.
In 2007, Reid and Stephen Brodie purchased this company and along with a hand picked group of long time employees relocated this from California to North Carolina.

I spent several weeks discussing what Wookie needed with Thumper Brooks at Pacific Seacraft who patiently listened to my ideas and guided me through how the factory could best assist. In the end, we agreed on a price for a complete interior restoration that included new wooden cabin top, teak battens to replace all of the carpeting on the sides, new wiring, custom designed electrical panel and new cushions. On the exterior, we agreed the factory would build a new hatch cover and a pair of hatch doors to replace the drop boards. In addition, it was agreed they would replace the teak hatch rails, the old handrails, the Vetus hatch with a Bomar hatch, service all of the portholes, replace the two-speed winches with bronze self-tailing winches and fix all of the holes from old deck gear that I had removed. Finally, the sails would be replaced with traditional tanbark sails and a dodger installed over the hatch cover.

When the transport company called and told me they had a truck available to get Wookie from St. Petersburg to Washington in North Carolina I had to quickly get things in order.

It was a hectic 4 days. Wookie had to get to the yard, have the mast and boom removed, repair some of the holes in these and take advantage of my time there to peel off the Florida registration numbers. In addition, I wanted gates installed on either side of the cockpit in the lifelines. The lower lifelines by the cockpit were removed because these would be in the way of the new self-tailing winches.

I spent two nights at the boat yard during these preparations, which I found to be rather special. Sleeping in my little boat, which was tied up to another along the creek in front of Elite Marine without a soul around was absolutely relaxing. I had two clear, starry nights accompanied by the occasional splash of large fish chasing prey. A highlight for me was being woken at 6 am by the screeching of a peregrine falcon perched on the pylon off my stern pulpit. I noticed the tail of a large rat in his steely claws and determined the noise he was making was one of satisfaction for having caught his breakfast. Strangely this made me crave for bacon and eggs.

On 11th May 2016, Roy with Deepwater Transport arrived right on time at the gates of Elite Marine. Within 2 hours Wookie was loaded onto the truck and on the way to Pacific Seacraft.

Pacific Seacraft

It was early Friday morning, the 13th of May and I could barely contain my excitement as I parked my Jeep on the hallowed ground of Pacific Seacraft. One of the large warehouse doors was open and there was little Wookie on the cradle just in front of a pair of beautiful Crealocks (looked like a 34 and a 42 footer). Lisa, my first mate, who had flown from Seattle to Raleigh to join me on this adventure, chuckled as she watched me try to compose myself. As we strolled into the warehouse one of the staff cheerfully walked up and guided us to the office. On the way, we passed beautiful boats in various stages of restoration and rooms with teak and mahogany, different types of tooling, fabrics, and some boat design mock-ups. Thumper Brooks was there to greet us as was Steve Brodie and Kathryn (administration).
The warm reception we received instantly put me at ease and as Steve and Thumper kindly guided us around the facility I began to realize not only was this the best place for Wookie to be restored, but that these people were going to become family.

Wookie was now in the safe, professional hands of Pacific Seacraft.

Stay tuned. I am excited to share Wookie's progress.

Please follow my blog at to see the ongoing work done by Pacific Seacraft.

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