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    Hi. As part of keeping new, interesting and alive, Alison asked if I would write some of my thoughts on sailing for others to read and get involved in the sport of sailing. David and I were friends but we only got together occasionally. When we did we had a heck of a time sailing. We raced together on the same boat or on our own, either way we were competitive. I remember one sail fondly, it was about dusk and we were in one of David's Flying Scots with steady winds of 10 to 15 knots. We were on a beam reach for about 2 to 3 miles, had the Scot on a plane, and yelling yahoo the whole time. When we were together we could get a boat going at its max. I will miss this, thanks David for the good times.

    My thoughts on sailing are: Passion, boat, wind and you.

    With any participating sport to enjoy it you have to have a passion for it. Sailing is no different but it can be expensive, time consuming and work. Don't let this stop you from getting involved with sailing because the rewards make it worthwhile.

    Boats, as most know range for a dinghy to huge. What determines the size and type is what a person does with it and where they sail (size of the body of water). Some have a passion for racing (J-24), overnight (22-30 footers), or cruising/offshore (25-huge). Whatever a person's choice there is a boat to own or crew on.

    Wind is what it is all about, working with the wind. The quote I like is: the pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist believes it will change for the better, and the sailor tacks. Working with the wind to move a boat to where a person wants to go is totally cool.

    You, you become a partner with the boat and wind to have an enjoyable time on the water.

    Sailors are a different breed. Some like to be by themselves and others like a crowd. The people I sail with like to have food, their favorite drink and some music, while others like to feel the wind and peace that comes with sailing. I like it all but mostly I like to get others involved. This was Davidís passion, getting others involved.

    Thoughts on boat ownership: First, take some lessons. Second, be a crew member on another person's boat. Third, determine your use of a boat. Fourth, determine the desired size. Fifth, look at your budget. Sixth, consider your skills and knowledge.

    There may be others, but the key factor is your budget. People tend to buy a boat not considering the required maintenance and other costs associated with ownership. Size is another major consideration, all boats sail good, and some you get wet when sailing.

    Safety is a factor that many do not consider. Sailing is typically not a hazardous sport, but things do happen that can make it dangerous if you're not prepared.

    Sailboat literature is a good place to start when learning to sail. When I started sailing I took a Sailing and Seamanship course by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and have read many sailing books. The sailing course classes covered everything about sailing and some on boat time. Some of my favorite books are the Boy Scout merit badge series "Small-Boat Sailing," "Invitation To Sailing" by Alan Brown, and "The Complete Sailor" by David Seidman. The Complete Sailor is a primer on sailing and boats for all readers. It is straight-forward with interesting and instructive illustrations.


    Please let Alison know what you think about this new section of Sailing Texas. We need feed back!
    Email Alison.

    If you would like to add your thoughts on this or on any sailing topics, please Email Alison at and I will post your sailing experiences on this website.

  • Index of Articles in Frank's Corner of Sailing Texas
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