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    Chapter 2

    Now that you have recognized a passion for sailing, the first step in feeding it is to learn about this sport. I suggest starting with reading books on sailing that give the basics on what is required of a person working with the wind to maneuver a boat through the water. I mentioned three in Chapter 1 but there are many books and literature (e.g. Sail Magazine) available; find the ones that work for you.

    When you have determined you want more, hook up with someone who has a boat that will offer you a sail. Friends are good for a sail, but take lessons from a certified instructor. There are a number of reason for this: they can schedule your time requirements, they have a boat that is good for teaching, and they provide a structured course. Also see David Luckenbach's page on sailing lessons

    When you get certified, you can rent boats from a vendor, or depending on the courses taken, you can charter a bare boat cruise. Some of these courses are for a weekend at a local lake ( in Oklahoma) or you can go to the coast and take an all-inclusive course that includes the course, meals and a place to stay. There are many options, choose the ones that fit your needs. There are a number of instructors listed on Sailing Texas. See Sailing schools listed by state. You can also go to your local sailboat shop and ask for information about sailing. The main point in reading and taking a course is to learn the sailing lingo. You might want to be crew in a race or race your own boat. It is also nice when you sail with a friend that knows port, starboard, forward, aft, main sheet, jib sheet, to name a few terms, because it makes for a more enjoyable sailing experience.


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  • Index of Articles in Frank's Corner of Sailing Texas

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