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PlanetSolar is the work of Raphael Domjan and many others. Under construction now at Knierim Yacht Club, in Kiel, Germany, PlanetSolar will be the first solar powered boat to circumnavigate the globe, the attempt is scheduled for 2010. The ship is large, with a length of 30 meters, a beam of 15 meters, and weight of 10 tons.

470 square meters of photovotaics will produce enough power for the boat to average 10 knots, expected time to round the world is 120 days. The power output of the solar panels is 103.4 Kilowatts, and will be the sole source of power for the voyage.

Learn more about this incredible ship at the PlanetSolar website

The chronology of PlanetSolar :

  • 3-5 September 2009: Inauguration of the PlanetSolar Village at Yverdon-les-Bains
  • January 2010 : End of the construction of the ship and first tests
  • April to October 2010 : European tour of the ship and of the PlanetSolar village
  • April 2011: Departure of the world tour in the Mediterranean (approximately 140 days of navigation )

  • PlanetSolar wants to show that we can change, that solutions exist and that it isn't too late. Future generations are looking to us; our choices will mark the future of humanity.

    New Sponsors as of 8/20/09 press release

    PlanetSolar is getting ready to go around the world with solar energy, a world first never tried before thanks to the biggest solar catamaran currently being built in Kiel.

    Two weeks before the inauguration of its touring village, PlanetSolar is happy to announce the arrival of several new first rate partners.

  • The "Canton de Vaud", Institutional Partner of PlanetSolar - After the support of Switzerland through the DFAE ("Presence Suisse"), it is the turn of the Vaud Canton to bring a precious financial and political support to the PlanetSolar project.
  • Ciel electricite, Official Supplier of PlanetSolar - Ciel electricite, a company established in the Swiss French part, undertakes to support actively the PlanetSolar project by supplying all the necessary electrical systems to the PlanetSolar village.
  • Swiss Wine Exporters Association, Official Supplier of PlanetSolar - This partnership will ensure the promotion of the Swiss wines abroad and various representative vintages of the Swiss vineyards will be proposed in the bar area of the village during our stops in Switzerland and around the world.
  • Drivetek ag, Official Supplier of PlanetSolar - This Bienne company handles the electrical components of the ship (solar panels, batteries, engines, etc.). Drivetek ag is in charge of the energy control and of all the electrical aspects. It is an essential party for the success of this futuristic challenge.
  • The "Musee du Leman" (Nyon), Intitutional Partner of PlanetSolar - The "Musée du Leman" (Nyon) undertakes to keep going the PlanetSolar adventure and to continue to do so in time within the museum. It will in particular buy, at the end of the adventure, the simulator of solar ship which will be present in the touring village.
  • Polaroid Eyewear, Official Supplier of PlanetSolar - Polaroid will equip the PlanetSolar skippers with high-performance and resistant sun glasses. The skippers will in particular use polarized glasses.

    PlanetSolar is delighted to be able to receive such a support from these Swiss companies and thanks all its partners for their most valuable support.