Whales and dolphins commit suicide because of polluted oceans

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5/30/09, South Africa
Whales continue their suicide mission to protest human desecration of the oceans. These intelligent mammals get together to beach themselves on purpose in large groups to get human attention. Unfortunately, most humans cannot conceive of any other life form with intelligence, and unable to understand whales languages, humans have not yet a clue what is happening. Humans tend to blame these suicides on anything else they can think of, never the fact that the oceans continue to become more polluted year by year. Food supplies of the whales continues to decrease as humans overfish and destroy habitat, and the whales have had enough.

Article in NY Times
KOMMETJIE BEACH, South Africa (Reuters) - After about 55 pilot whales stranded on a beach near Cape Town resisted efforts to return them to the ocean on Saturday, rescue teams humanely killed some of them, the National Sea Rescue Institute said.

Marine scientists and volunteers managed to get more than 20 of the whales back into the water, despite bad weather and high waves, local media said, but about 30 remained and were having to be put down by being shot in the head.

Craig Lambinon, a spokesman for the rescue institute, said the number of animals killed had yet to be confirmed.

"Some of the whales have returned to the sea, so we won't be able to confirm the number of those put down until the operation is completed," Mr. Lambinon said, adding that it was being conducted by Marine and Coastal Management.

In addition to those euthanized, three whales died earlier in the rescue attempt, local media said.

Rescuers had battled to keep the beached adults and calves wet and used earth-moving equipment to try to save them, but many of the animals were pushed back ashore by the high waves, Mr. Lambinon said.

He said it was still unclear why the whales had first come ashore at 7:30 a.m., adding it was the first mass beaching of whales he knew of on the popular coastline.

Whale-watching off South Africa is a popular attraction with tourists, who often line roads at strategic spots to catch a glimpse of the giants of the ocean.

Early 2009 News from Australia
More than 87 whales and 5 bottlenose dolphins were the last group to attempt to communicate with humans by suicide in Hamelin Bay of Western Australia. 72 whales and 1 dolphin died. Humans forced 11 to return to the ocean, but 6 have already rebeached themselves. 2 of these have died, and veterinarians are being sent to help the others be forced to live.

This is the 5th mass-suicide attemt in Australia in the last 5 months, nearly 500 whales have died, but humans have yet to understand.

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