Harry's on Willow City Loop, with Jimmy Lee Jones

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We were on our way back from Enchanted Rock with Lucy and Michael, and being a bit hungry from climbing the rock we stopped at Harry's in Willow City for one of those incredibly delicious BBQ pork sandwiches. Alas, they were sold out, but we bought some beer and were very much entertained because Jimmy Lee Jones was filling in for Harry, and playing the guitar and singing songs between serving beer. It was very very enjoyable.

This video was taken with the Panasonic PV-GS320

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Directions to Harry's BBQ: From Willow City, Texas: If you can't find it, you are not in Willow City or have not moved a block since you got there. It's right over there, right on the highway.

Harry's BBQ, Dialup version, 6 MB
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Climb Harry's BBQ, Broadband version, 15 MB
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