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Central Texas lakes � drought, lake levels and boat ramps.

Here is an alphabetical list of all the Texas lakes.

The 11 months from October 2010 until August 2011 were the driest for that period in Texas since records began in 1895.
Also, the summer of 2011 broke all records in Texas for the most days of over 100 degrees and, in Austin, there were 132 consecutive days over 90.

So, how are sailors and their boats coping?

A large proportion of the country from Texas to the southern Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic was drier than normal in 2011. The warm and dry weather resulted in an expansion of abnormally dry (D0) to extreme drought (D3) conditions in this area.

The state's worst recorded drought lasted from 1950 through 1957 and prompted the creation of artificial lakes all across Texas to supply water to a state that at the time had a population of 15 million - 10 million fewer than today.

Night-time lows in 2011 were the hottest ever recorded in 11 Texas counties, affecting over 2 million people, according to NOAA's Historic Climatology Network. Night-time temperatures are more sensitive to the buildup of heat-trapping pollution in the atmosphere than daytime temperatures.

Lake Buchanan
There are five good boat ramps, four on the east side and one on the west side of the lake. Unimproved ramps are available at Cedar Point Recreation Area and at Colorado Bend State Park.

Lake Travis For information on lake Travis

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This situation changes frequently, so check back.

If you have any reminiscences of the building of the lakes, or information on the present lake levels and/or drought, please write to me and I will add your input to this page. Thank you. Email Alison