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I put this list together over time, I buy and sell sailboats for a hobby, I'm a sailing instructor, not a boat dealer. But I enjoy buying a boat and sailing it for a while, maybe fixing it up, and then when I know about that one I want to sell it and get a different one. Every sailboat seems to have it's good points and bad, but they are all fun!

Many boat models or makes have websites, many of them have a classified section for owners of those boats to use. This is a collection of sailing websites that specialize in a particular make or model, or tend to have a lot of one make sailboat, AND have a classified section.

Some of the links go directly to the sailboat classified section of that site. Some do not. If they don't, select the appropriate menu item which I usually noted to the right of the website's name. Alphabetical order of course, with numbers first. If you know of a good site for this list please Email me at davidluc@earthlink.net so I can add it here.

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11 meter one design

International 11:Metre One Design Class Association, select Marketplace in left menu


29er association, another fast boat!, select Forum, sometimes boats are for sale there


International 49er Class Association, look under Forum and select classifieds


505 Class Association, select Buy/Sell & Suppliers in left menu

A-class catamarans

United States A-Class Catamaran Association , select A's 4 sale in left menu, has a good classified section

Allied Seawind IIs

Allied Seawind II Owner's Association, look down the page for any boats for sale


Aloha Owners Association , select Sale & Wanted in left menu


Aquarius Owners Group on Yahoo, not really classifieds, but sometimes a boat is for sale there. You have to join the group but that is easy.


Ariel Association, select Discussion and go to the Forum

Australian 16 foot skiff

Australian 16ft Skiff Association, select For Sale in left menu


see Babas yahoo group


Beneteau Owners Association , select Classified Ads in left menu, free ads


International Blue Jay Class Association, good classified section, free ads, select Classifieds in left menu.


Bristol Yachtsales, broker, Annapolis


Buccaneer Class Association , good classified section, free ad for Bucs and Mutineers.


Bullseye Association , select Boats and Parts at the bottom, ads cost $25!.


National Butterfly Association, select Exchange at the top.


C & C Sailing Association

Cape Cod Frosty

Cape Cod Frosty Class Association, see Used Boats.

Cape Dory

Cape Dory message board, good place to look for a Cape Dory.


Catalina Capri International Association website

Cat Boats

Cat Boat Association, LOTS of boats, click on Cats for Sale 129 on left.


Catalina International Association website

Sailing Texas Catalinas for sale, free ads with pictures

Catalina 22 National Sailing Association, You can join their email list
Catalina 30
Catalina 320 International Association, select classified ads on left (site was being upgraded on 1/13/03


See Hobie section, I put all the catamarans there for now

Cheoy Lee

Cheoy Lee Association, several Cheoy Lee's for sale

Club 420

Club 420 Association, select For Sale in left menu

Cobra Catamaran

Victorian Cobra Catamaran Association, select Cobra's 4 Sale

Columbia Yachts

Columbia Yacht Owners Association, select Boats and Gear For Sale, free ad and lots of Columbias for sale


Coronado 15, has a forum, really a Yahoo group that you can join

CS Yachts

CS Yacht Owners Associations, lots of boats


The Daring Website, select notice board on left


Canadian Dart Catamaran Association, select Boats for Sale on left


Day Sailer Association


Dickerson Sailing Yacht site, needs some boats!


Drascombe Association , select Smallads
Yahoo Drascombe group

El Toro

El Toro International Yacht Racing Association, several El Toros


The Endeavor Owners Forum, select For Sale or Wanted, many boats


The UK Enterprise Sailing Dinghy Association , select For Sale, many boats


Etchells class association, look under Market
Etchells Fleet 20, Miami Florida, select Crew & Classifieds on left

Express 27

Express 27 Association , select For Sale

Force 5

Force 5 Class Association

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman, select Classifieds on the bottom line

Flying Scot

Corinthian Sailing Club, this club has an active Scot fleet and usually has some for sale here
Flying Scot´┐Ż Sailing Association, select Boats in left menu
Midwest Sailing, dealer, has a list of used boats, Michigan

Freedom Yachts

Freedom Yachts Message Board is no longer in operation. I don't know what happened and can't find it anywhere. If you find a Freedom Yacht site with classifieds please let me know so I can list it here.

Friendship Sloop

Friendship Sloop Society , select Friendship Sloops for Sale on lower left

Cape Cod Frosty

Cape Cod Frosty Class Association, see Used Boats.

Hobie, (and other catamarnas)

The Beachcats.com great classified section, free ads, this is the BEST catamaran website on the net!
Hobie Website, has a good forum with boats for sale, point at Support and select Community Forums
Catamaran Sailor, Magazine
Cat-alist, select Items to Buy/Sell


Sailing Texas Hunters for sale, free ads with pictures

InterClub Dinghy

Interlake Sailing Class Association, select classifieds on left menu

International 470

International 470 class association, select classifieds


ISO Class Association , select Classifieds


J22 Fleet 1, select Boats 4 Sale on left
J22 Southwest District, select boats for sale
USA J22 Class, select classifieds on top


J24 Class International, select classifieds on left


J/30 Class Association, select For Sale on left menu.


J/35 Class Association, select Marketplace on left menu.


J/80 Class Association, select Classifieds on left menu.

JY 15

JY15 Class Association, Message Board on left menu, lots of boats.


Kettenburg Boat Works Owners Association, select the Brokerage, lots of boats.


Lido14 Class Association, Select Classifieds at bottom of left menu


International Lightning Class Association, select Classified Ads in left menu


Sailing Texas Macgregors for sale, free ads with pictures
Macgregor Owners Ass. of New England, go down and right to select For Sale
MacGregor Sailors, select Classified Ads on left, paid ads


U.S. Mariner Class Association, select Classifieds on left

Mariner Yachts

Mariner Owners Association, select Mariners for Sale about halfway down the page

MC Scow (Melges)

MC-Scow class homepage, lots of scows for sale
Melges Boats, Wisconsin, has a list of used Melges for sale


International Mirror Class Association of Ireland, select Mirrors for Sale in left menu
UK Mirror Class Association, select Message Boards in top menu


Chesapeake Morgan Association, select Message Board


International Moth Class Association of Australia, select for sale on left


Narrasketuck O.D.A., select Want Ads on left


N-10 Association., select Boat Sale


Newport 30 Association of San Francisco Bay, try the message board

NS14 Sailing Dinghy

NS14 Sailing Dinghy Association, select Boats for Sale on left


Day Sailer Association
I Heart O'days, based in Florida, but a good O'day classified section


Offshore Yachts Class Owners' Association, UK, select For Sale & Wanted

OK Dinghy

OK Dinghy Association, go down to find the link to Forum

Pearson, also see Triton

Pearson Vanguard, click on For Sale

Potters, see West Wight Potters


Precision Owners Site, click on "For Sale/Wanted" then on "For Sale Page"


Rebel, select Used Boats & Parts

Rhodes 19

Rhodes 19 Class, classifieds


Rival Owners Association Website, go in the site and select Notice Board

RS Class

RS ClassAssociation, select For sale

Santa Cruz 27

Santa Cruz National Association, select Classifieds


Santana 20 Class Association, see Classified Ads on lower left
Santana 525 Class Association, go down on left to Santana 525 for sail

Sea Pearl

Marine Concepts, The Sea Pearl builder in Tarpon Springs, Florida, select brokerage boats

Sea Sprite

Sea Sprite Association , select Classifieds, its the 4th item down on left menu


Shields National Class Association, select Boats for sale on left menu


International Sonar Class, you have to go down to SONAR's for sale in the main page.

Soverel 33

Soverel 33, select Boat Info on left, then Soverel 33's for sale on right


the stiletto.wildjibe.com boat owner network, look down for For Sale


Sunfish Class Association, redoing site and message board not listed.
The Sunfish Forum, click on For Sale section
How to tell the year of your Sunfish


T-10 Class National Website, click on Classifieds

Tanzar 22

Tanzer 22 Class Association , click on classified ads on left menu


Tartan Owners Website, click on classified on left menu, then on the button for Boats for Sale, then wait for a bit for them to show up below, the site can be slow


World Tasar Class Association & North American Tasar Association, click on For Sale on left


United States International Tempest Association, click on For Sail on left


Thistle Class Association, click on Classifieds on left


Interational Thunderbird Class Association, click on Classifieds on left


National Triton Association , select classifieds, down on left


U-20 Class Association, don't have classifieds, but you can join the discussion group


Vanguard 15 West Coast Fleet 53, click on For Sale

Victory 21

Victory Owners Association


Watkins, right lower


The Wayfarer Marketplace, for owners


United States Wayfarer Association, Wayfarers site

Inspecting the Aging Sailboat by Don Casey

Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats: A Step-by-Step Guide for Buyers and Owners by Henry C. Mustin

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising Sailboat by Roger Marshall

Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere by John Vigor