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This is a more recent type of scam, apparantly the thieves are getting poor results from the scams on previous pages so have changed their tactics. Now instead of offering to buy your boat, they want to sell you theirs!

Here's how this scam works: First they place a bogus ad on the internet, offering to sell something at a bargain price.
When you contact them, they want you to send a Postal Money Order to some address to pay for the ficticious item, telling you they will ship it to you. If you mail them the money, you never hear from them again and they will not ship you anything.
Do NOT mess with these thieves! They are dangerous people. I went along with this one only so you can see an example of their "work".

This "Mick" placed an ad for a 2001 JetSki for sale at the bargain price of $2,100, supposedly in New York.

An astute buyer noticed it was a scam and notified me, so I started the following correspondence to see what I could learn:

Hi Mick,
I would like to buy your ski. That's a really good deal. How can I pay you and where can I pick it up?

Yes i know this is a very good deal because i must sell my item very fast , and this is the reason because i sell it with such a low price . I will shipp my item , this will be not a problem for me , and i want to make the payment using a Postal MoneyOrder to my full name and address , because i think is the safetly way to send money if we are bouth in US .

Hi Mick,
Sounds good, but your forgot to send me your full name and address for the money order.
I'll be glad to come pick it up, I plan on coming up that way next month. If I send you the money order will you hold it for me until I get there?

Here is the address where you must send the postal money order:
Yvonne Richards
1410 Metropolitan Ave #4E
Bronx NY 10462
United State
Yes i will hold the item for you if you send the money first .
So please let me now after the money order was sent .

Hi Mick,
Where is the ski located? I'd like to look at it before I hand over the money.
Is cash ok?

My item was sent to the FedEx Shipping Agency , when i decide to sell it , but i will send it at my place again if you want too look at it before you pay , but i'm from IL , and right now i'm NY , with some bussines problems .
If you can't come in IL to see my product this week in IL , is better for us to finish this deal like i told you .
Anyway i will send you your money back if you don't like my product after i send it to you and test it .
I wait your reply .

Hi, Mick,
Illinois? Why, that's fantastic! I thought it was in New York. Illinois is much better, I'll pack my things and hook the trailer on the truck and head that way. You better send me an address to come to, I can check my email on the way up there. I'll just bring cash.

I think you didn't read my full e-mail . Right now i'm in NY with some bussines and my item is at FedEx services . For the moment you will come to see nothing in IL , because my item isn't there for the moment.
Anyway where are you from ?

Hi Mick,
I read your email. You said I could come see it in Illinois, I'm on my way. Stopped at the bank and picked up the cash. Where is the ski located?

The item is right now at FedEx Agency , and right now I'm in NY , and I don't know where you want to go , because at my place is nobody .
So is better for you to don't come at my place now .

At this point I'd had enough of messing with Mick, and canceled my imaginary trip to Illinois. This is ONE of the reasons I require a valid phone number on all ads, the scammers do not want you to have their phone number.

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