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This is a variation on the boat buying scam, apparantly the thieves are getting poor results from the scams on previous pages so are modifying their tactics. But they still want to overpay you with a worthless check or counterfeit money orders and have you wire the "difference" to them Western Union.

Here's one Keith sent me 6/7/05, he advertised a room for rent on the internet.
Greetings to you.I am Hellen Wright an
advertisement model who is presently in africa. I
am plannig to move to some were in your l ocation. I
saw your room advert,your personality looks great.
I am interested in knowing more about this room,and
rental details.
Please get back to me via my personal email,
Your urgent response will really be appreciated.
Best Regards,
Hellen Wright.

Keith's reply
What are you doing in Africa? When are you planning on moving here?
The room is available now.
The room is aprox. 12 x 14 feet in diameter. Hardwood floors. The apartment is on the bottom floor. We have parking and a beautiful park like setting. We are walking distance to RiteAid, blockbuster video's and El Pollo Loco restaurant.
There is a Shopping mall about a half mile from here as well.
The deposit is $350.00 and the rent is $700.00 per month due on the first (1st) of every month. My utilities are low because I have a 20% discount. The cable bill is around $35.00 for your part per month. The apartment is comfortable and drama free.
I have a Dalmatian dog named, "Echo" Photo of myself and her are included.
Please reply soon.
Keith Doran

Hi Keith,
Thanks for your response.....I am okay with the
room and its rental price.I will like to have it for a
minimum of a year.I do hope you will grant me the
previledge to have the room? I am planning to move in
as soon as i have secured a siuitable place to stay
I am okay with the pet been at home.
This is a little more about me...i am Hellen
Wright an advertising model presently based in
africa.. S/africa .i am 24 years of age.i am very
nice ,caring honest,kind, responsible, hardworking
,clean,reliable and social.i like watching movies
swimming and runnig ad reading too i do not go to
partys ,smoke nor drink i am very passionate i like to
share ideas with others.All this attributes i guess
you will finally see for your self if i get in. But
less i forget, sometimes aggressive when provoked to
an extent.

Concerning payment, I have contacted my agent, he
promised will make out payment to you,he will be
paying you in excess
cos he's taking care of my accomodation and
traveeling fee.He would be paying you $4,500 .
As soon as you get the Cheque,get it deposited in your
bank.When the gets cleared,pls deduct the cost of the
move in fee, which is $1,050 and send the remaining
balance , which would be for my flight expenses and
my living allowance for the short period,The balance
should be sent to my traveling agent whose information
i would give to you as soon as you recieve payment.
I want you to see this as a favour you'll be willing
to do for a roomate ok.
As soon as i get there, i will make preparations
for the remaining 6 months, including all bills.
Pls i want you to do this for me in good faith.
Pls if you comply,do not hesitate to provide me with
Zip Code
Phone No:
I would be very glad if you can be of a helping hand.
Hellen Wright

The only way that I can do this is if you give me your agents name and number so I can talk to him.

Also, do you need the room furnished or not? At the moment it is unfurnished. I can change that if needed.

I think that the best way for us to proceed is for your agent to "Western Union" the money to me at That way everything can be in order immediately.

Let me know if this is good for you please.


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