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So you want your own website? Good, go for it!

The internet is a new way that humans use to communicate with one another, or rather, how to share information. Since it is new, we do not really know how to do this very well! We are learning, the search engines get better, email is getting better (now if we can just win the war on spam!), instant messengers are handy, discussion groups can be useful, sharing pictures is progressing by leaps and bounds, we're figuring out what things are the best to sell on the internet, how to move money, and much more.

Perhaps we haven't found the best use for the internet yet? Who knows? One thing I'm sure of, is that I don't know! I'm learning.

I'm starting this section, website development, for a reason. To share information, the kind of information we call knowledge. Not that I know a heck of a lot, but I do know a few things. Why shouldn't I share my knowledge with you? It's called being a teacher, teachers want to teach, that's how they are. I want you to know AT LEAST everything I know, hopefully more. I assume you can teach me a thing or two too!

I've read a lot about html on the web, that's the language we use to make web pages with. I've made a few websites, learned something from each one. Most of the articles I've read about html are really hard to follow, and I'm not sure why. But I did learn something from each one, so I keep reading them. So I'm going to try to explain some html and other things about the net, I expect to learn a bit in the process! Regular visitors to my site have noticed that my pages change. I may write an article and then weeks later go back and rewrite it, I believe the same thing will happen here.

Already have a website and want it to make money? Me too, and I wrote an article about it, and I've rewritten it twice so far! Probably will again. I call it my How to Make Money with your Website article. It's actually quite good, and my income is rising every month. I also wrote an article on using tables. I'd like to write some more when I have time, and also publish an article by YOU.

My successful sites:

Texas RC Sailing, a small home based business that really can't afford it's own website.

Sailing Texas, my best site, for sharing information about sailing, and actually makes a profit from banner ads.

PWC Texas, a site about Personal Watercraft