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You want to make money by putting banner ads on your website, good idea! I'll tell you how to make a profit right here.

  • First, you need a website, this makes you a "publisher"
  • Then you need traffic on your site
  • Sign up with advertisers to put ads on your site
  • Watch the money roll in!
  • Sounds simple, and it is. Sounds easy, but it's not!

    Should you build a website first or examine the ads first? If you don't already have a site, look at all the banner ads you can while you surf the web. Think about how you would design a webpage to fit the ads. This site is not designed that way, I made the site first and later added the ads. You can put most sites into one or the other of these catagories. Many sites are designed only to make money from "for pay" links, they usually have little or no content, they just hope to catch the occasional surfer. On the other hand, sites like Sailing Texas are there for a reason, to provide information or a service, not just to make a place to sell ads!

    To help your site succeed, make it fast, really fast. 50% of web users are still on dial up modems! This site is slow at times because of all the photos, but photos are good! I keep the file sizes as small as possible by keeping picture size small and changing the color depth to 256 colors. Reducing to 72 dots per inch helps too. Big files means more bandwidth used by your site, which costs you money. When your site starts getting a lot of traffic, the extra bandwidth costs can eat up all your income! But more important, people will leave if the page loads too slow.

    For your site to be successful, it should provide a service. Usually information or entertainment. There are many sites that will tell you how to make a good website, so I'm not going to go into that here. But I will say that for you to get a lot of traffic, you need some INFORMATION on it. People want information, that is why they're on the web! You probably know a lot about something, if you can make a site that will make that knowledge available to others, they will use it. One way to success is to make a new page for your website, with CONTENT, every day. Some say if you do this for one year you will be a success.

    So, this page has information, how to make money on the web. It holds what I have learned about advertising. Since I'm learning all the time, this page is different than it was a month ago, and will be different in another month.

    Three main catagories for profits are available,

  • Search engines that pay
  • Being an "associate"
  • Banner ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Search engines,

    Associate Programs

    As in, you can put a bookstore on your site, as I have. And about 900,000 other people have done it! Competition is pretty tough. I make commissions with Amazon, because my bookstore is full of books directly related to my website, and I have text links on pages related to bookstore sections related to the page. If I'd really work on it, and make text links to specific books on pages relating to that book, I could do a lot better, but my site isn't just for selling books, so I don't spend the time on it. I'm happy with Amazon, their system works, it's not hard to use, and it's making me money. Since Amazon has books on just about everything, you can make a bookstore with books related to your website. You will sell some, and some people sell a lot. I'm doing well with it.

    But there are many other companies that offer an associate progrm, and Commission Junction puts them together for you. This is where the BoatUS ads on Sailing Texas come from, if you happen to see one I haven't deleted yet. People make money with CJ, but I never made a penny from them!

    IF you can target your website traffic well, and have enough traffic, and put the right ads on the right pages and the right places, you can make some money. But since they pay ONLY when a customer comes from your site FIRST and BUYS something, it will take some work on your part to be successful. My site is about sailing, and they just didn't have any sailing advertisers, or I might have done better. They have a lot of advertisers you can choose from, so if your site isn't about sailing you might do well.

    Banner Ads

    Ah, the dream of the internet. Build a high traffic site, serve up banner ads, and watch the money roll in! It's been done, and banner ads used to pay pretty good, $5 to $10 CPM, that's Cost Per Thousand impressions. Unfortunately, with the dot com bust, ad rates have plummeted. Down to $0.25 to $1 per thousand, if you're lucky. And advertisers are getting more picky about which sites they want their ads to be on. With ad rates this low you need two things to be successful, high traffic AND low bandwidth costs. If you get paid .001 CENT to display an ad, but it cost's you .002 cents to display the page the ad is on, you will not make money. So keep your pages loading fast, and keep your file sizes as small as possible! Finding your own advertisers pays the best, some advertisers will still pay $5 CPM to display their banner on a site related to their business. When your website looks professional, add an "advertise here" button linked to a page explaining your rates for banner ads. Look on other sites similar to yours and see which companies are buying adspace, they may buy space on your site too.

    The solution to selling banner ads that I use is !! They serve up most of the ads on Sailing Texas, and they have a good mix of advertisers AND types of ads. I try to stick with a banner ad right on top, it loads fast and is not too obtrusive. One very nice thing about is that they let you select which ads you want on your site and which ones you don't. I take off banners that have annoying animation. And why are the ads way up there on top of the page? Because they require them to be there, in the top 500 pixels of your page, but that's one reason they pay so well. The ads that you ok are rotated, and most are limited. Advertisers don't want to show an ad to the same person hundreds of times, so after a visitor to your site has seen a few, the ads are replaced with your "default" banners. This is one of the best features about Fastclick, if you've surfed Sailing Texas you've seen some of my default ads. One offers a free sailboat classified ad, one is a notice that I've added a "Boats Wanted" section, and one links to this very page!. And

    High Traffic

    Did I mention high traffic? Just how HIGH does your traffic need to be? Well, requires your site to have 3,000 page views per month. Not an unreasonable amount, and that can be enough to pay your web hosting costs, maybe buy you a 6 pack to go sailing with now and then too! 3,000 page views per month is a good place to start selling ads, and if you continue to make your website useful your traffic (and your income) will grow. That's only 100 per day, so it's not unatainable. An example of making my site useful is the Online Sailboat Classifieds in Texas page. It not only gives you a list of websites in Texas that have sailboat classifieds, but tells something about them. Useful for buying OR selling a sailboat. It took me a lot of time to build that page, and more to keep it current, but people use it every day. Since it is all text it loads fast and doesn't use a lot of bandwidth! It has INFORMATION, that is CURRENT, that is what people want! This is a traffic builder. And it serves two ads each time it is viewed. Some books that relate are listed too.

    People leave slow sites! If your page takes more than 8 seconds to load on a dialup modem, you will lose a lot of traffic. If they leave before the ad is loaded you don't get paid. People don't want to wait 8 seconds. Take a look at my Home Page for Sailing Texas. Five pictures, but did you notice how fast they load? They have all been reduced to 7KB in size, tiny files for pictures! If you have a high speed connection, be sure to check your site on a dial up modem and see how fast each page loads, as 4 out of 5 people still use dialup.

    CPM versus CPC

    CPM is cost per thousand impressions, and CPC is cost per click. Many advertisers are getting away from CPM, as surfers get more accustomed to ignoring banners and not clicking on them they become less effective. There are still some that pay the CPM rate, they may just want their name displayed so they get brand recognition, or they may use such flashy ads that people will click on them anyway. Most are turning to the CPC model, where they only pay when someone clicks through to their website, but they pay a LOT more, usually 20 to 30 cents per click. This isn't a bad system, and somedays I make more on CPC ads than I do on CPM. I run a mix of both, and take off the CPC that don't pay after I try them out for a while. has a nice reporting system so you can see how much you are earning from each ad. If I run a CPC ad and after 1,000 views it has no clicks (and hence no income), I remove it.

    Pop Under and Invue Ads

    Also at you can use pop under ads, they come up under your site and are not shown until the user leaves your site. More effective and I'm sure you've seen them (and had to click to close them more than once!). Personally, I didn't like using them at first, but they pay 10 TIMES as much CPM as a normal banner ad! The downside is they make your page load slower, as they are loading at the same time your page is. Luckily, fastclick lets me limit the popunders to once every 12 hours, so as not to annoy my users too much. They have many different time options. I put the popunders on almost every page, knowing my users will only get one popunder. I do this because I have lots of pages, and get many visitors to an odd page here or there, and that may be the only page they view. For example, I have a page to sell Sy's dinghy. This page has about 5 pictures and uses a lot of bandwidth, and Sy sold his dinghy long ago. Why do I keep it on my site? Because it shows up in Google and the other search engines, so it is a way for people to find my site. Because it shows two banner ads and one popunder if it's the first page viewed with a popunder. The average income for this page is good, which pays for the bandwidth and more! The pictures and description are information, that is what people want, remember? Invue ads work well, but I really don't like these! They annoy me, they cover part of my page, and I just don't think my users will like them. Fastclick's system allows me to choose which pages to display which kinds of ads.

    That's all there is to it, so sign up with , get your traffic up and make some money!

    Ok, does this look like an advertisement for Fastclick? It is! If you click on one of the Fastclick links above and actually sign up with them, they will pay me a percentage of what you make. It WILL NOT reduce your earnings, it's just a bonus for me. And then when you are a Fastclick member and someone signs up from your site you will get a percentage of what they make. It's not a pyramid scheme. I won't make a penny from anyone that signs up from your site, it is one level only. I have two referrals, and I make almost a penny a day from them! So far they only use 480X60 banners, I'm hoping they start using popunders soon, lol. So please, if you want to sign up with Fastclick, please come here first and click on a link on this page to sign up. If you don't like my site, look around for a fastclick link on a site you do like and let them have the bonus, if you go to Fastclick directly, Fastclick keeps the referral bonus and nobody gets it.

    Google Adsense. The best. Adsense ads are text so they load fast, they are pay per click but users do click on them. Today they also do banner and video ads. Google scans your pages and sends ad that actually relate to your page, so people often see something they are interested in. Google lets you block websites that compete with yours if you want. I'm not allowed to say how much I make with Google, but I'm happy. They also have a search function that pays, so you can use both. Read more on the Google Adsense site.