David Luckenbach memorial race, Lake LBJ, Texas, 2010

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Photo of those of us who stayed until the bitter end of the party Group picture

Steve Wesson
Steve Wesson

Melanie Benson
Melanie Benson

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It was wonderful weather on May 16th 2010. Well, it was wonderful weather for those of us who didn't sail. There was hardly any wind at all and it was hot. Luckily there was a pontoon boat to take some of us out on the lake.

Video of the finish, 3MB, thanks to Dan Hollingsworth for this video.
David Memorial race finish, click to start

I will post more photos later.
Thank you to DAVID CULP and HANK SANDHAUS for helping.

1st. place Melanie Benson - Sunfish
2nd. place Steve Wesson - Cyclone 13
3rd.. place Mike Mashl - Contender