Escape Rumba, 2000, St. Louis, Missouri, $1,400, sold 5/11/09

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2000 Escape Rumba

  • The Rumba is the largest in the Escape family. It has a patented smart rig sail plan which allows for infinite adjustment of sail area, making launching and retrieval a breeze. This boat is extremely stable and user friendly. Crew capacity is 550 pounds, and will accommodate up to 3 adults. Boat and trailer are both in very good condition. Hull has minor scratches, but this is normal wear. Trailer has a tongue jack and spare tire with lock. Sail is excellent with no tears or fraying.


  • length is 12 feet 9 inches
  • beam is 5 feet
  • sail area is 82 square feet
  • hull weight is 150 pounds
  • Rigging: cat rigged

    It sold!! Your Website is great!!!!! Not only did it sell my boat within 60 days, but it was also the source for my replacement boat. The last time I attempted this on my own it took over 4 months, your site accomplished the same thing in half the time and linked me up with the seller of another boat of the type I was looking for.
    Many Thanks Again
    St Louis, Missouri

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Escape Rumba sailboat

    Escape Rumba sailboat

    Escape Rumba sailboat

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